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The Quad-City Times editorial, “For the good of the country, Republicans must reject Trump,” on June 12, is a clear example of how the Quad-City Times is consumed with defeating Donald Trump for president. Since the Quad-City Times will not present a clear picture of where the two candidates…

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What are the common threads between the highest-paying professions? According to Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist for Glassdoor, there tend to be three factors: higher educational requirements, skills that are in demand, and protection from automation or competition. Check out the Glassdoor list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in America for 2016 and see how well they match up to those criteria. (Note: The salaries listed are median base salaries.)

1. Physician – The medical profession tops the list with a base salary of $180,000. Medical careers consistently top the high-paying job lists and are far above the second-place category in 2016.

2. Lawyer – Representing your legal needs (or that of your opponent) ranks second on the salary chart. The legal profession draws an average salary of $144,500.

3. Research and Development Manager – Doctors and lawyers were no surprise, but R&D managers were...

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Kevin Hart went from working as a low-wage shoe salesman to having his own shoe line! He reportedly makes $8- to $10-million annually from Nike.



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Women Own Nearly One-Third of American Businesses

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