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The War on Drugs results in more drugs on the street, and more drug users. The War on Terror ends up with more terror and terrorists. Can we have a War on Jobs and a War on Money, please?

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Jobs: A Forecasting Challenge

It's a difficult time to make predictions in economics or politics. Start with the most unconventional presidential campaign in generations, add sharp swings in economic data, and stir the mix with nervous investors. Frustrated business prognosticators may soon be receiving sympathy from weather forecasters.

The release of the June jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) fits this recent trend perfectly. May's job report was a shocker, with analysts predicting 164,000 jobs created while only 38,000 were reported. Then, a June rebound blew past the Bloomberg estimate of 180,000 jobs, to stun economists at 287,000. May's numbers were revised even lower to just 11,000 jobs, while April's were revised upward by 21,000, leaving a net downward revision of 6,000 jobs.


Today's Headlines: Where Did The Jobs Go?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

Today's Headlines: Good News On The Jobs Front

The Quad-City Times editorial, “For the good of the country, Republicans must reject Trump,” on June 12, is a clear example of how the Quad-City Times is consumed with defeating Donald Trump for president. Since the Quad-City Times will not present a clear picture of where the two candidates…

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