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Experts are advising people to ask about retirement benefits when considering different job offers, to ensure they don't miss out on significant income. Companies match retirement plans with varying degrees. Turning down an offer for another position with a slightly higher income could be a wrong step if the match percentage is much lower. What seems like a small loss could add up to thousands of dollars over several years.

On the surface, many job offers look similar when factors such as commute time, upward mobility, and salaries are compared. In such circumstances, choosing a position could come down to flipping a coin - but comparing retirement plan matches is crucial. For example, one firm might offer to match 3 percent while the other offers 10 percent. With a salary of $50,000...

Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

401(k) Match or Cash?

The Biggest Retirement Mistake is Complacency

Donald Trump likes to claim he will bring jobs back to America, but if you look at what he has actually done in the real world, it tells a very sinister story if you are truly someone that cares about bringing jobs back.

I applaud state representatives for working to improve Illinois’ infrastructure. I agree that creative measures must be taken, but in these times of land grabs for private gain, I plead that the long-term future of the state be weightily considered.

The War on Drugs results in more drugs on the street, and more drug users. The War on Terror ends up with more terror and terrorists. Can we have a War on Jobs and a War on Money, please?

The Quad-City Times editorial, “For the good of the country, Republicans must reject Trump,” on June 12, is a clear example of how the Quad-City Times is consumed with defeating Donald Trump for president. Since the Quad-City Times will not present a clear picture of where the two candidates…

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