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Davenport Schools Foundation scholarships

The Davenport Schools Foundation has awarded more than $80,000 in scholarships to be presented to more than 40 graduating seniors from Central, Mid City, North and West High Schools. In addition, more than $17,000 will be given to previous winners who won multi-year awards. Foundation Scholarship Committee co-chairs Manny Fritz and Sherry Freese led seven volunteers who reviewed and interviewed more than 80 applications for scholarships ranging from $300 to $14,000.

Recipients include:

Betty Nelson Career Technical Scholarship: McKayla Forari, Cameron Mayes-Butler, Madlen McCabe, Keshuna Miller.

Buttleman-Arbisser Scholarship: Yasmine Lopez.

Brad Peck Memorial Scholarship: Adam McKown.

Brian Keppy Memorial Scholarship: Madison Harland.

Caryl Haring Memorial Scholarship: Anna Arvanitis, Kayleigh Bolick, Brian Dennis, Cole Flack, Madison Harland, Brittany Hildebrant, Nikolas LaMaack.

Central High School Hall of Honor: Hester Scholarship, A.J. Smith; Jurgens Scholarship, Lauren Sloat; Kneipp Scholarship, Joseph Shie; Meyer Scholarship, Jasmine Kargbo.

Central High School Hall of Honor: Hannah Mandell.

Class of '59 Scholarship: Tyler Josund.

Class of '64 Future Educator Scholarship: Kayleigh Bolick.

Davenport Schools Foundation Scholarship: Destiny Ellingsworth.

Davenport Schools Foundation Future Educator Scholarship: Cole Flack, Brittany Hildebrant, Rachel Stewart.

Friends of Wes: Kalynn Burton.

George Weis Career Technical Scholarship: Dalton Townsley.

Hanae Fujiwara Weise Memorial Scholarship: Thomas Theiling, Cresa Wilson.

Helen Pholing Scholarship: Anna Arvanitis, Spencer Peachee, A.J. Smith.

Jack L. Hudson Scholarship: Kailey Fellner.

Jack King Music Scholarship: Cresa Wilson.

Jan Mutum Educator Opportunity Scholarship: Madison Harland.

Jane Grady Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Mandell.

Jerry Jurgens Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Rios, Sam Serrano.

Joan Kolberg Lowen Scholarship: Kailey Fellner.

Kathryn Tate Bell Scholarship: Lauren Sloat.

Lisa Arbisser Scholarship: Ryan Healey.

Marie Linke Powell Scholarship: Tabitha Zarazinski.

Mary Means Scholarship: Rachel Luong.

Michaela Rose Duvall Scholarship: Meredith Cox.

North High Music Scholarship: Destiny Ellingsworth.

West High Music Scholarship: Cole Flack.