These students received degrees after the 2011 fall semester at St. Ambrose University, Davenport:

* Bachelor's degrees


Atalissa: Katie Hochstetler

Bettendorf: Svetlana Bek, Ann Bonis (cum laude), John Clark, Lance Dillie (dean's commendation), Logan Frame, Brennan Harris, Penny Jagers (cum laude), Shelly Lowery (cum laude), Heather Petersen, Patricia Retzl (cum laude), Patricia Said (cum laude), Kyrie Saunders, Brenda Stalkfleet (cum laude), Cary Stone (dean's commendation), Jessica Thompson (cum laude), Joseph Speth

Blue Grass: Nicole Porter (cum laude)

Camanche: Karen Feddersen (magna cum laude)

Clinton: Jenna Birkett (cum laude), Jason Stearns

Davenport: James Bishop, Shanna Bolster, Erica Boone, Meenakshi Brandt (dean's commendation), Ryan Brophy (cum laude), London Cannon (dean's commendation), Julie Capshaw (cum laude), Meghan Connors (magna cum laude), Theresa Cox, Rachel Douglas (dean's commendation), Barbara Fleming-Wiegand, Rachel Friemel, Andrew Gates (dean's commendation), Nathaniel Handley, Shamika Harrison, Allyson Holliday, Megan Hurto, Sherry Iaccarino (magna cum laude), Emily Kelly, Lisa Kohl, Andrew Krueger (dean's commendation), Carol Marquardsen, Angelina Matrone (dean's commendation), Tanika McNeal, Katie Schmitz, Cheryl Sexton (dean's commendation), Cassandra Shovar (magna cum laude), Sarah Sones, Narhea Thornburg (cum laude), Jane Wilson

Delmar: Michelle Eberhart (summa cum laude)

DeWitt: Cody Hall, Jennifer Melvin, Dana Runge, Andrea Strodtman (cum laude)

Eldridge: Danielle Blocker (magna cum laude), Beau Dexter (dean's commendation), Eric Salyars

LeClaire: Julie Leonard (magna cum laude), Raele Moore

Long Grove: Natalie Kelly (dean's commendation), Sara Stahmer

Maquoketa: Kayla Arensdorf

Muscatine: Amy Brand (dean's commendation), Brianna Dusenberry (summa cum laude), Danielle Nau (magna cum laude), Levi Schmidt (dean's commendation), Sara Steimel

Preston: Amanda Schmidt

Princeton: Bryan Turner


Andalusia: Jack Moore

Coal Valley: Emma Farber (summa cum laude)

East Moline: April Archibald (cum laude), Stephen Williams

Erie: Sydney Morgan

Galva: Brittany Rose (summa cum laude)

Geneseo: Kelsey Schraeder

Milan: Courtney Chapman, Kacie Keller, William Lewis (dean's commendation), Kelsey Rentfro (summa cum laude)

Moline: Kaitlyn Bailey, Shiobhan Bausal, Adrianna Corby (magna cum laude), Erica Dierks (magna cum laude), Zachary Honert, David Hughes (dean's commendation), Danielle Kittl (cum laude), Kiajuana Lawton, Jason Millage (cum laude), Erin Phelps, Brian Smith (cum laude)

New Boston: Megan Stineman

Orion: Lance Kennedy

Port Byron: Brandon Buffington (cum laude), Gina Stearns

Prophetstown: Emily Skelton

Rock Island: Emily Chesser (magna cum laude), Kelly McLaughlin, Erick Peterson

Silvis: Lillian Peeples

Taylor Ridge: Gail Fisher (dean's commendation)

* Master's degrees


Bettendorf: Brian Knutson (business administration), Katrina Koloseus-Gagnon (business administration), Robert Romic Jr. (leadership studies), Drew Wayne (business administration)

Blue Grass: Amanda Brown (accounting)

Clarence: Melissa Armstrong (business administration)

Davenport: Greg Barth (business administration), Emily Bergeson (leadership studies), Colin Donahue (accounting), Vincent Fillipp (leadership studies), Anthony Funderburk (business administration), Joseph Grodecki (business administration), Julie Hast (occupational therapy), Jeri Jennings (leadership studies), Debra Leibold (leadership studies), Ann Lotz (business administration), Justin Shaffer (educational administration), Brian Thomas (leadership studies)

DeWitt: Christy Lung (business administration)

Eldridge: Tracy Engler (business administration), Tracey McGinn (leadership studies), Michael Reed (business administration)

LeClaire: Susan Phares (leadership studies)

Long Grove: Steven Johnson (business administration)

Muscatine: Cassandra Crumly (accounting), Lori Harvey (business administration), Melissa Yerington (leadership studies)


East Moline: Derick Burton (leadership studies), Michael Grchan (business administration), Ryan Larrison (business administration)

Geneseo: William Riewerts (business administration), Ian Ross (accounting)

Kewanee: Katie Bitting (criminal justice)

Milan: Melissa Thorpe (business administration)

Moline: Marsha Davenport (leadership studies), Matthew Grenier (leadership studies), William Holdorf (leadership studies), Susan Husson (leadership studies), Allison McLaughlin (business administration), Marci Strupp (business administration)

Reynolds: Kristin Demarlie (business administration)

Rock Island: Kathleen Dawson (leadership studies), Adam Derrick (business administration), Jessica Gibbs (business administration), Bryce Palar (business administration), Eric Rowell (leadership studies)

* Doctoral degrees


Bellevue: Katherine Lampe (physical therapy)

Bettendorf: Diann Beuthin (physical therapy)

Maquoketa: Sloan Felten (physical therapy)

Muscatine: Stephanie Aguero (physical therapy)


Coal Valley: Megan Helderman (physical therapy)

East Moline: Scott Passman (physical therapy)

Reynolds: Ashley Widdop (physical therapy)

Taylor Ridge: Kathryn Scheckel (physical therapy)


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