Like the Putnam itself, the museum store at 1717 W. 12th St., Davenport, is a mix of a little bit of everything.

You'll find mummy-themed puzzles that relate to the Putnam's real mummies, geodes and other rocks that link to its mineral collection, and a snow globe of polar bears that reminds one the taxidermied polar bear in the Hall of Mammals.

Perhaps the shop's most distinguishing feature is its range of kits and other educational items aimed at teaching scientific principles to older children. These include boxed sets of how to make a doorbell, bubble gum, a tornado, a clock and — just for Christmas — "magic snow." The picture on the box shows boot tracks of snow throughout a house.

Also for sale are a telescope, microscope and kaleidoscope; boxes of "nano blocks" that are similar to Legos, only smaller; Bill Ding balancing clowns; origami papers; "dig" kits; kites; and a crochet set. 

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A box of fossil shark teeth up to 65 million years old is available for $2.99 and a large, fill-it-yourself bag of rocks goes for $5.99.

The store also has bins of inexpensive items such as pencils aimed at making sure that every child can afford to buy something after a field trip.

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