If a 105-year-old stained glass window could tell a story, what a tale would come from the newly restored window at New Life Church, Davenport.

Located at 1107 Wisconsin Ave., New Life traces its history back 87 years.

In 1958, New Life purchased the former Zion Lutheran Church building at 8th and Gaines streets. Zion Lutheran, which now is at 1216 W. 8th St., last week celebrated its 155th birthday and is the oldest continuously working Lutheran church in Davenport.

The stained glass window had been created by an artist who worked 1911-12. That same artist created pieces that still exist at St. Mark  Lutheran Church on West 3rd Street in Davenport, according to the New Life Church pastor, the Rev. Edward Anglin.

New Life hosted a special unveiling of the stained glass window on Oct. 8. Over the years it had gotten worn and a bottom piece had been lost, the minister said.

A regular window replaced the missing bottom piece, and Anglin said while that was well-intentioned, it ultimately detracted from the original. The red was covered with a blue curtain, and ultimately, black paint. The outside was a white frame showing rust and a large fissure.

Patrons of New Life Church, Mary Putnam and her family, offered to fund the window restoration cost and the repairs were made by The Glass Blast, Bettendorf.

The piece is now called "Mary's Window," and is covered by tempered glass, which replaced Plexiglas. It sits high in the sanctuary, above a large stage.

"For many years, its beauty was hidden, dulled by the one-fourth-inch exterior Plexiglas," Anglin said in his sermon on Oct. 8.

"So often what occurs in the spiritual realm manifests in the physical. I believe this is true of Mary's Window. Our long-time members provided a structure. The new members of our congregation were the missing pieces.

"Together you shine beautifully. A spiritually restored church is now physically restored, and the intertwining restorations have led to growth and expansion."

Members of the church are very happy with the restoration, and consider it to be a connection from the newly restored church to its roots. "When looking at the window, you'd never know it hasn't been there forever," the pastor said.

Anglin, who arrived in 2015, describes New Life as a Christian Church, nondenominational, with a Pentecostal spirit vibe.

Considering the restored historic stained glass window, and building improvements, he is positive about the future. "This is a very exciting time for our church," Anglin said.