Jan, Carl Frazier

Jan and Carl Frazier


When Jan and Carl Frazier were married 48 years ago, Carl converted to Jan's faith, Catholicism.

Over the years, the couple decided to seek a change in their religion, and were helped by two people who Jan described as a "special couple."

Jan Frazier, 70, worked in life insurance for 23 years and retired in 2007. Carl Frazier, also 70, retired about 17 years ago from Eagle Foods after a 30-year career. They previously lived in Davenport.

The Fraziers moved to Princeton, Iowa, in December 2007. Carl is from Princeton and is a North Scott School District graduate. It was an adjustment for Jan, “but I love my neighborhood!” she said.

Q: Were you raised as a member of Reformed Church of Christ?

A: "I was raised Catholic, but in 1988, Carl and I met a special couple who became important in our lives. She led me to the Lord in Bible study. Her husband led Carl to the Lord in 1989," she said.

The Fraziers' younger son came to the Lord after that and then, their older son did, at a revival meeting, she said.

Carl Frazier had joined the Catholic Church when they wed. “But we thought the Catholics didn’t stress having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," she said.

That relationship has changed our lives a lot, Jan said.

Q: How you feel about your faith?

A: "Sometimes it’s hard to remember where we are in our faith. In a good church, with other believers, we learn so much. If we allow it to, it makes us stronger in our faith," Jan said.

“It also helps in difficult situations. We don’t get sucked up in worry or fear. Strength comes from Jesus Christ and that starts inside. When we give our lives to Christ, our lives are enriched by Christ.

“I have had some health issues, and I spoke to God about them, and he showed me I can do things with his help that I could not do without him. I’ll be OK in surgery, and if I don’t make it through surgery, I’m good with that.

“He’s also shown me, I can’t have a hard heart, because Jesus Christ can’t live there. I had a hard heart for years, but I have to accept that and move on," Jan said.

“We left our church in Moline and we took our time joining a new one. We joined North Ridge last summer. We need to be where God wants you to be, and that you feel welcome in an accepting place.

Q: How long have you practiced?

A: Since 1988-89.

Q: Is there a place to practice your faith located in the Quad-Cities? Where?

A: North Ridge Community Church, 1700 Black Hawk Trail Road, Eldridge. It is open on Sunday mornings, 10 a.m. service, and is part of the conservative branch of Christianity.

Q: Who in your family was also of your faith? In other words, who started you on this path of faith?

A: "Our friends started us in our faith," Jan said. Now it includes Carl Frazier and the couple's two sons and their families. The Fraziers' elder son lives in Ankeny, Iowa, and younger son is in Oklahoma, and there are four grandchildren.

Q: Looking forward, what about growing in your faith?

A: “Yes, I am growing in my faith, every day. Some days it does not seem as if we are. I am much more open about sharing my faith than I used to be," Jan said.

“I don’t like to offend anyone or be pushy. I’m good at talking to people I don’t know, but I’ve learned the way to express my faith is in a relationship. That’s more conducive to sharing faith.

“I am getting more involved in church. I would like to be a spiritual mentor. I also help in the kids’ ministry, in the classroom on some Sundays.

Q: What else should we know about?

A: “The night I accepted Jesus Christ was Halloween night, 1988. I thought my life would be perfect at that time. I thought there would be no more trouble with depression but it does not work that way. It helps to remember where I get my strength. I haven’t had any trouble with depression since 2014," she said.

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