Quad-City Times photographer Andy Abeyta is working on a storytelling project about people having dinner. He would like to photograph families or individuals at dinnertime as part of a published piece on one of the things we all have in common.

“While capturing a grand and emotional moment will always tell an interesting story, that is not what I have in mind,” Abeyta said. “I want to see the simple, fleeting moments that may simply go unnoticed most nights. … Dinnertime in many ways can be a great shared experience. Though dinner may differ in extravagance, culture, size, expense, tradition, or who we share or don’t share the meal with – dinner is something we can all relate to and I hope to photograph that, so I can show you what I find.”

If you would like to participate in Abeyta’s dinnertime project, email him at aabeyta@qctimes.com or call 563-383-2272.