Lori and Craig Tassin of Des Moines are competitive, even when it comes to cancer.

When Lori, 43, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010, she jokes that her husband, also 43, had to one-up her with his diagnosis 13 months later of brain cancer.

He one-upped her again when his cancer went into remission.

She’s not complaining.

“I’ve never said, 'Why me?' I’m not that type of person.”

In fact, she was relieved she got the diagnosis, because she didn’t know what was causing her so much pain. As soon as she found out, she cut out red meat and processed sugars, trying to make her body into a “sterile environment” so cancer cannot grow.

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She’s had four chemotherapy treatments, but she realizes at some point doctors will run out of treatment options.

“I want cannabis to be available,” she said. “I want to try that. I want it legalized so we can get research done to see if it could work.”

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