Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to pick up some candy, carve your pumpkins, and start decorating. If you want the trick-or-treaters to flock to your home, it helps to be the scariest house on the block. Here are 10 spooky decorations you can buy or DIY.

The velvety, non-glossy sheens offset the natural walnut tones and satiny surface of midcentury wood furniture. And they offer a dramatic contrast to glam elements like burnished and polished metals, clear acrylic, and high- and medium-nap textiles.

It's a matter of how banks price mortgage loans: Loans must be attractive to potential investors who buy loans from the banks. Lenders of course want to make a profit. They also need to make sure they have enough staff to handle the demand for mortgages.

Alma Gaul