Attention, procrastinators: There's still time to make your own embossed Valentine's Day cards. And it's easier than you might think.

Maker Cristiana Felgueiras of Get Hands Dirty shows you how in the video above. The process is simple enough. First, she makes a 3-D template of her design, in reverse. Then she builds a custom embossing tool. Finally, she puts some heavy-weight, 220-pound paper over the template and presses it into the design with the tool. She ends up with some pretty impressive results, without the need for a fancy machine.

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That's not to say that a fancy machine wouldn't be helpful. For the first method of making her template, she deploys a computer-operated cutting machine to carve the design. But in the second half of the video, she shows how to do the same thing with only a linoleum block and linoleum-cutting hand tools, both of which are commonly available at local craft stores. The same goes for the embossing tool, in case you have no interest in building one of those.

Find more of Felgueiras' work on her YouTube channel.