For the past four years, Megan Crandall Cooper has helped the Quad-City Botanical Center in Rock Island with its pixie teas, events geared toward girls with a folklore theme of sprites, woodland creatures, pixies and fairies.

With her artistic bent — she is a 2005 studio art graduate of Augustana College in Rock Island — Cooper began making costumes, primarily wings. First she tired cellophane over wire and then moved to faux branches and floral items from craft stores.

Now she has made a cottage industry of her creations, hoping to sell them online. About 30 of her fairy wings and female-shaped armatures decorated with flower petals and other floral materials were recently on display at the botanical center, priced from $40 to $100.

The wings can be worn as costumes, and both the wings and armatures can be used as wall hangings. They could be used in place of a wreath on a door in a protected location, but they are not meant to be weatherproof, Cooper said. For more information, go to

By day, Cooper is the florist at Michaels Arts & Crafts in Davenport.