The popular "Nursery School: Lessons in Gardening" held for the past 15 years at the iWireless Center, Moline, will move this year to Augustana College, Rock Island.

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to pick up some candy, carve your pumpkins, and start decorating. If you want the trick-or-treaters to flock to your home, it helps to be the scariest house on the block. Here are 10 spooky decorations you can buy or DIY.

The velvety, non-glossy sheens offset the natural walnut tones and satiny surface of midcentury wood furniture. And they offer a dramatic contrast to glam elements like burnished and polished metals, clear acrylic, and high- and medium-nap textiles.

While most pets won’t require surgery for eating an ill-advised glow stick, the celebration of Halloween does bring with it different risks that owners need to be aware of. To help, the American Veterinary Medical Association has some suggestions to make Halloween safer for your pet:

Cresting a small hill on Davenport's West Kimberly Road/U.S. 6, you catch sight of a whole bunch of stuff on a lawn to your right. Maybe somebody is having a big yard sale?

Alma Gaul