Blaine Lippert’s home office is a narrow desk wedged between two windows at his East Moline condominium. It provides storage and enough room for two computer monitors.


Keeping clutter under control in any office is a challenge, but even more so when your office is at home.

“Simplify” is the advice of Blaine Lippert, who writes romance novels as a hobby from his East Moline condominium.

His home office is a 30-inch-wide desk and hutch combination sandwiched between two tall windows. A short filing cabinet doubles as a side table for his recliner.

Lippert, who is retired from Deere and Co., has a daily routine of going through his paperwork, deciding what gets recycled, what gets shredded and what gets filed. It’s essential to keep the paper under control as his glass-topped dining table also serves as an overflow work area.

“I try to keep it organized,” he said.

Keeping paperwork under control keeps the stress level down, too, said Lippert, a widower, whose wife, Sue, passed away in 2014.

“I’m retired; I want to enjoy life,” he said. “I don’t have a deadline.”

Reader’s Digest offers the following rules to get more done when working from home.

• Create a work-zone/office.

• Work regular hours.

• Check in with work – frequently.

• Take a lunch break.

• Don’t clean.

• Keep errands to a minimum.

• Keep a routine.

• Aim to leave the house at least once per day.

• Don’t volunteer too much.

• Stay professional.

— Jan Touney