It’s not uncommon for a Web site to add a phrase or word into our vernacular. However, it is slightly more rare for a common word to see a resurgence at the expense of others.

Yet, here we are with the word (and site) FAIL.

The site —, to be exact — highlights our wrongs in life (as in the wrong answers or the wrong solutions to life’s problems). The name says it all. The site — through photos and captions — shows you where someone failed. This can be an adult site at times, so proceed with caution.

Whether it be a traffic sign, an advertisement, a product or a video, we get to (at least we suppose) feel better about ourselves and have a good laugh at someone else’s expense.

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And now to top it all off, there is “FAIL Nation: A Visual Romp Through the World of Epic Fails” ($12 in many bookstores).

The book reprints more than 100 of the Failblog’s reader-submitted photos. Chuckle at signs that say “keep right” while pointing left or direct diners to the “drive-thur.” Snort at the ATM that asks you to withdraw in multiples of $20 — to a maximum of $250. And so on.