OK, pork tenderloin lovers, we are now staring into the crevasse (also known as crevice) of culinary delight. It is Week 3 of the Quad-Cities Signature Dish competition and we are providing you our final findings in the search for the perfect pork tenderloin sandwich.

As a refresher course, the Quadrants boys (Joe and Greg) had previously visited the other two finalists: T.C.'s Point After in DeWitt, Iowa, and the 11th Street Precinct in the Village of East Davenport. Both have earned high marks.

On the hot seat today is Rock Island's City Limits (4514 9th St., 309-786-4889) and its assortment of tasty sandwiches.

Owner Bob Anderson is no rookie when it comes to a pork tenderloin. He's been doing this for 30 years and has fans squealing over his offerings. "They're loyal," he says with a smile. "We're doing something right."

When the unbreaded tenderloin came out on a hoagie bun, Joe did a change of course from last week, declaring, "I've decided I'm not a big fan of naked meat."

Grown men say the strangest things.

Greg's only complaint through the entire process? "I feel like I've eaten my body weight in pickles."

In closing, watch this spot for our announcement of the winner of Best Pork Tenderloin in the Quad-Cities. Sure, it's an unofficial title, but it's a title nonetheless.

Here are the boys' comments on City Limits:

GREG - First, I must say kudos to Jayne Aversing, our trustworthy guide and waitress. She pushed us to try the tenderloin melt (a grilled sandwich on toasted crackberry wheat bread with Swiss cheese). Even though it was my fourth - you have a problem with that? - sandwich of the day, it was the best by far. City Limits' grilled and breaded tenderloins are understated in terms of added flavor while the famous Limit Loin (a combo of Swiss and bacon) is a nice change of pace. Scores (based on the 0-5 Pig Rating System): Grilled gets a 3, breaded gets a 3, the Limit Loin earns a 4 and the superb melt gets 5 out of 5.

JOE - Limit Loin, you came to me on a summer's day, and along the way began to play, with my taste buds. It's a haiku. OK, a bad one for sure (wrong meter) but still wabi-sabi. This sandwich was great. The bacon pushed it close to the top of the scale. If only they had marbled rye bread, I might have fainted. That's why I give the Limit Loin 4 pigs and the superb melt 5 pigs. The crackberry wheat beats out a hoagie bun every time. I have one suggestion. Put bacon on the superb melt and it's off the scale. Now that would be pushing the outside of the envelope. Lastly, both the grilled and breaded pork T's get 3s. Hey, that rhymes.