Although its new address does not register on select mapping services, hunters and anglers are still tracking down R&R Sports on the eastern edge of the metro Quad-Cities.

The neon green and yellow signs advertising ammo and tackle on the exterior of the nondescript warehouse at 3250 Fields Drive (formerly Portz Drive), Bettendorf, should help.

After 29 years in Clinton, the outfitter opened up shop at its current location off State Street on Sept. 1, 2016.

The walls are covered with taxidermied deer, elk, bear, moose and fish, including the largest largemouth bass ever caught in Iowa. Enclosed in a glass case, the 10-pound, 12-ounce fish measures 23½ inches and stares down customers as they walk into the store.

Largemouth bass

Displayed in a glass case, the largest largemouth bass ever caught and recorded in Iowa greets customers at R&R Sports in Bettendorf. The 10-pound, 12-ounce fish measures 23½ inches.

Patricia Zaerr, the Davenport native who reeled in the record fish in 1984, happens to be a relative of the store's owners, Patty and Rudy Morgan.

Going once, going twice ...

The Morgans are hosting a public consignment auction on Sunday, almost one year after their big move.

Interested sellers may bring in any outdoors-related goods, from guns and ATVs, to bicycles and kayaks, up until the morning of the event.

"That's what makes it fun," said Steve Morehead, who runs Circle M Auctions in Maquoketa. "We don't know what's going to show up."

The 50-year-old Morehead, who has been around auctions since age 14, will be running the show.

"It's an opportunity for sportsmen to cull their collection and sell stuff they don’t use anymore, or buy something different," he said.

Guns will be bid on first, with two firearms in particular expected to excite buyers:

• A Vis 35 Radom. This 9mm pistol, which has been called one of the best automatic pistols of all time, was manufactured in Poland and used during World War II.

• A 100-plus-year-old Colt Single Action Army revolver. This six-shooter was shipped from the Connecticut-based factory in 1903, according to its accompanying letter of authenticity.

"It's not mint by any means, but it's pretty cool," said Morgan, who predicted the latter will go for "well over $1,000."

Morgan said he plans to sell a collection of vintage .22 rifles and a pair of moose antlers that customers at the Clinton store previously offered to buy from him.

"Gun auctions are always a hit," he said. "They always draw people."


A variety of vintage .22 rifles, including this Winchester Model 90, will be up for sale Sunday during the Sportsman's Exchange Public Consignment Auction at R&R Sports in Bettendorf.

Attendees also should expect to see a variety of bows, tree stands, blinds and deer and duck decoys in the sale ring.

Morehead said he takes 20 percent of every sale below $200, and 15 percent of sales above $200. Circle M Auctions organizes a mega auction twice each year in the fall and spring, called the Whitetail Classic, at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Maquoketa.

Branching out

Looking back on this past year, the Morgans said their transition from Clinton to Bettendorf has gone smoothly.

"So far, so good," said Morgan, 62, who noted they are gaining new regulars and retaining old ones.

"It's pretty evident people are getting to know us, and we're getting to know them," he added. "But it takes a while."

The outdoorsman, who took over the operation in 1989, grew up about 5 miles upriver on the LeClaire shore. They now lives in Princeton, about 13 miles from the 8,400-square-foot family business, which his 21-year-old son, Jay, helps manage.

Four other full and part-time employees work at the facility, which has a bow-repair station, a two-level 20-yard archery range and a trolling motor repair bay.

The Quad-City-based Youth Shooting Sports Association holds Junior Olympic Archery Development cub practices there, too.

Jay Morgan

Jay Morgan works on a bow in late August at R&R Sports in Bettendorf, the hunting and fishing goods store his father has owned since 1989. Archery deer season begins Sunday in Iowa and Illinois. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources estimates 62,000 bow hunters will purchase more than 92,000 deer tags this year. Iowa archers harvested almost 13,000 antlered deer last year. Iowa's archery deer season runs Oct. 1-Dec. 1, and Dec. 18-Jan. 10; Illinois' archery deer season runs Oct. 1-Jan. 14.

Morgan may be most proud of the racks in the store's archery section, built with wooden logs he salvaged from a beaver pond on the Wapsipinicon River.

Decades ago, he served as a fishing guide on the Mississippi River. While those days are gone, both he and his son, who work seven days a week, still try and get outdoors as much as possible.

"We'll take an afternoon off to go fishing or come in a little late to go hunting in the morning," said Jay, crediting his dad for passing on his knowledge and love of the outdoors. "I've got a passion for it, so it's not really work."

Most photos from Jay's childhood, some of which are scattered throughout the store, picture him with a fish or the duo together next to a deer.

"It's something I'd like to pass on to him (Jay) at some point, and he does have the passion to do it," said Morgan, referring to R&R Sports. "You've just got to know a lot of stuff to be in this business. It's so broad."

R&R Sports

A fat-tire mountain bike deigned for rugged terrain at R&R Sports in Bettendorf.

And getting broader. One of the more unique products there is a fat-tire mountain bike equipped with 4½-inch thick tires and an electric motor. The Colorado-based company, QuietKat, designed the vehicle, which costs $2,700.


Jack Cullen uncovers different slices of life for the Quad-City Times. He previously covered the city of Bettendorf. When he's not reporting, Jack enjoys coaching tennis and exploring the outdoors.