Trinity Moline

Cobrianda Anderson and Sylvis Nelson, Rock Island, girl, Dec. 7

Rebecca Kesler and Bryan Reaves, Rock Island, girl, Dec. 7

Fire calls



1:16 a.m., 2724 Redwood Ave., electrical equipment short-circuit

7:20 a.m., 22870 130th Ave., building fire

9:01 a.m., 3737 W. River Drive, smoke detector

10:20 a.m., 3202 E. Kimberly Road, police matter

10:52 a.m., Interstate 80, dispatched and canceled en route

10:44 a.m., 4130 Northwest Blvd., smoke detector

12:05 p.m., 1016 W. 5th St., dispatched and canceled en route

5:02 p.m., 1823 E. Kimberly Road, dispatched and canceled en route

10:54 p.m., 2118 Highland Ave., police matter

11:58 p.m., 5600 Jersey Ridge Road, smoke detector



8:24 a.m., 4575 16th St., structure fire

9:50 p.m., 233 14th Ave., structure fire


7:08 a.m., 2726 41st St., investigate

Fire alarms: 3



12:47 p.m., 299 11th St., vehicle crash


3:56 a.m., 1900 6th Ave., assist

Fire alarms: 2         



Andrew D. Johnson, Joliet, Ill., and Michelle R. Hulett, Peotone, Ill.

Billy J. Cazy and Vera P. Wells, Rock Island.

Gary F. Slavish, Moline, and Cynthia A. Bierman, Wilmington, Ill.

Ian R. Forslund and Hannah B. Harris, Coal Valley.

Joshua D. Fontenoy, and Nicole R. Franks, Galesburg, Ill.

Joshua J. Bergheger and Erika G. Gunderson, Rock Island.

Joshwa T. Smith and Shay D. Goodman, East Moline.

Rickey L. Simmons and Priscilla L. Simmons, Moline.

Robert A. Hausman, Davenport, and Crystal D. Nelson, Hatton, N.D.

William A. Byers and Denise M. Fussell, Rock Island.


Aishatu D. Mensah, 32, and Darlene L. Kelly, 21, Michigan City, Ind.

Alexander S. O’Haver, 32, and Kathryn D. Porter, 37, Davenport.

Amit Kumar, 21, and Kelli L. Constantino, 29, Davenport.

Arpana D. Nanji, 33, and Arturo F. Meijde Lapido, 36, Davenport.

Ashlee R. Amerine, 24, and Justin L. Goetsch, 24, Iowa City.

Billy J. Knapp, 38, and Tina M. Smith, 39, Colona, Ill.

Brandy L. Lawson, 32, and Ronald L. Salier, 39, Geneseo, Ill.

Brandy Y. Frazier, 31, and Tonia G. Heineman, 28, Jeffersonville, Iowa.

Brian K. Nickell, 49, and Ann M. Bunge, 47, Davenport.

Chad L. Tancil, 31, Oswego, Ill., and Alexa J. Schlosser, 31, Morris, Ill.

Christine M. Witt, 48, and Robin A. Williamson, 44, Madison, Wis.

Clifton L. Sisk Jr., 52, and LuAnne K. Robinson, 52, Davenport.

Connie D. Richardson, 48, and Debbie J. Durbin, 51, Louisville, Ky.

Derek J. DeMoss, 27, and Erin D. Samuels, 23, Davenport.

Donald E. Schaver, 39, and Shannon I. Stone, 34, Taylor Ridge, Ill.

Dustin M. Flickinger, 27, and David M. Geranen, 24, Chicago.

Elinor E. Barrett, 22, and Abraham Diaz-Carapia, 26, Moline.

Erik F. MacDonald, 31, and Jamee L. O’Malley, 47, Davenport.

Gail S. Hebbeln, 56, and Paul D. Irwin, 53, Davenport.

Gillian Atkinson, 49, Tigley, United Kingdom, and Darian E. Powell, 46, Green Valley, Ariz.

Jacqueline N. Temple, 26, and Joshua J. Flockhart, 33,


James T. Brimeyer, 53, and Toni W. Wilcos, 49, Princeton.

Janice M. Schulz, 33, and Michael T. Ramig, 40, Davenport.

Jason R. Meredith, 44, and Susan E. Neece, 40, Andalusia, Ill.

Jeffrey W. Anderson, 45, Bettendorf, and Randie L. Raychel, 39, Moline.

Jerleaner Oliver, 41, and Joe A. Jackson Jr., 35, Davenport.

John C. Parkhurst, 46, and Jaime L. Duffield, 40, Davenport.

John R. Cord, 65, Iowa City, and Nan F. Losasso, 56, Bettendorf.

Jonah J. McKenrick, 26, and Michelle N. Mampre, 24, Bettendorf.

Justin R.Thompson, 26, and Lindsey R. Scheckel, 25, Davenport.

Katherine A. Bieber, 23, and William D. Martin Jr., 31, Davenport.

Katrina S. Davis, 20, Pecatonica, Ill., and Alice M. Nothnagel, 21, Rockford, Ill.

Kori M. Dirks, 30, and Shane A. Hans, 34, Davenport.

Kristin M. McCord, 29, and Austin J. Lamb, 31, Edwards, Ill.

Laura E. Sandry, 23, and Clayton R. Engler, 26, Donahue, Iowa.

Megan M. Johnson, 33, and Simonne Y. Duranleau, 42, Davenport.

Michael J. Lindsey, 34, and Matthew T. Vega, 19, Fishers, Ind.

Michael R. Merten, 31, and Nichole K. Hudson, 29, East Moline.

Michelle A. Knibbs, 48, and Susan E. Popovich, 53, Chicago.

Nicole L. O’Neil, 33, and Gale A. Gadberry, 37, Davenport.

Rebecca M. Brown, 35, and Brent H. Tawney, 36, Davenport.

Rhonda L. Flottmann, 51, and Nora I. Bardi, 52, Bloomington, Ill.

Samantha J. Lugo, 20, and Justin A. Nightengale, 21, Davenport.

Stephanie L. Hillard, 25, Westland, Mich., and Toni E. Nacouzi, 27, Warren, Mich.

Tara J. Riggan, 31, and Joshua L. Young, 37, Davenport.

Thomas J. Ramirez, 29, and Meghan A. Busch, 29, Bettendorf.