Genesis Medical Center-East Rusholme St.

Anderson, Andrea and Justin, Carbon Cliff, Ill., boy, Oct. 6.

Fox, Stephanie, and Adrian, Jermy, Davenport, boy, Oct. 7.

Goodman, Anne and Sean, Bettendorf, girl, Oct. 7.

Hendricks, Stacy and Jeffrey, Clinton, Iowa, boy, Oct. 6.

Keenan, Kelsey, Davenport, boy, Oct. 6.

McFate, Carolyn and Michael, Rock Island, girl, Oct. 5.

Mohamed, Reem and Nazar, Bettendorf, girl, Oct. 4.

Pairrett, Lisa and Allan, Davenport, boy, Oct. 7.

Paulsen, Sherri and Ben, Davenport, boy, Oct. 6.

Ramos, Virginia, and McPherson, William, Davenport, boy, Oct. 7.

Ritter, Shannon and Matthew, Davenport, girl, Oct. 8.

Thumma, Tiffany and Steven, Moline, boy, Oct. 5.


Trinity Medical Center, Moline

Fairman, Johanna and Scott, Andalusia, Ill., girl, Oct. 5.

Gustafson, Amy and Adam, Milan, Ill., boy, Oct. 5.

Klauer, Christina and David, Milan, Ill., girl, Oct. 5.

Kovacic, Dana and Shawn, Aledo, Ill., girl, Oct. 5.

Shinn, Michelle and Joshua, Rock Island, girl, Oct. 6.

Fire calls



EMS calls: 5.



12:53 p.m., 1021 E. 10th St., investigate.

2:06 p.m., 2655 N. Division St., investigate.

9:08 p.m., 1611 N. Division St., investigate.


12:44 a.m., 812 W. 16th St., burn complaint.

EMS calls: 32.



EMS calls: 8.



7:54 a.m., 2720 12th St., illegal burn.

5:51 p.m., 2512 8½ Ave., investigate.

8:35 p.m., 1200 35th St., false alarm.

9:25 p.m., 1820 5th Ave., investigate.

10:42 p.m., 1106 36th St., investigate.

10:48 p.m., 111 20th St., vehicle.

EMS calls: 5.


EMS calls: 2.

Public meetings


4 p.m., Moline Historic Preservation Advisory, City Hall.

4:30 p.m., East Moline Centennial Committee, City Annex.

6 p.m., Moline School Board, Committee of the Whole, Administration Building, 1619 11th Ave.

6:30 p.m., North Scott School Board, Administration Office, 251 E. Iowa St., Eldridge, Iowa.

6:45 p.m., Rock Island City Council, City Hall.

7 p.m., LeClaire Committee of the Whole, City Hall.

7 p.m., Davenport School Board, Administration Service Center, 1606 Brady St.

7:30 p.m., Moline School Board, Administration Building, 1619 11th Ave.

Real estate deeds


Woods, Seth R. and Christine E., to Michael R. and Kimberly R. Fitzpatrick, 809 25th Ave. Ct., Silvis, $215,900.

Yarger, Howard and Diane, to David and Debra Leftridge, 716 28th Ave., East Moline, $124,900.


Piatak, Stephen M. and Susan L., to Michael V. and Patricia A. Jasper, Lots 2 & 3 Chapel Hill Subdivision, Lot 1 Lightner’s Subdivision, Davenport, $100,000.

Tompkins, Mary E., to Shawn D. and Sandralyn M. Tyson, 1504 Broadview Dr., Bettendorf, $125,000.



Gripp, Jennifer D. and Justin D., 624 15th St., Silvis, Ill., First Midwest Bank and Trust, $125,220.

Gunneman, Caroline L. and Eric W., 198 37th Ave., East Moline, Blackhawk State Bank, $139,500.

Hamilton, Patricia L. and Raymond G., 304 Glendon Ln., Port Byron, Ill., First Midwest Bank, $255,000.

Hammitt, Pamela A. and Ronnie D., 10006 207th St. W., Illinois City, Countrywide Home Loans, $162,000.

Holland, Marcia A. and Paul G., 301 13th St., Rapids City, Ill., IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, $140,000.

Houseman, Barbara C. and Michael R., 1344 33rd Ave., Silvis, Ill., Deere Harvester Credit Union, $189,520.

Janssen, Andrew J. and Joetta L., 1208 Hospital Rd., Silvis, Ill., Wells Fargo Bank, $108,000.

Jewell, Norma J. and Richard C., 9813 86th St. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge, Ill., Metrobank, $282,500.

JMS Development of the Quad-Cities, 211 8th Ave., Hampton, Ill., Blackhawk State Bank, $271,500.

Kelinson, Leonard H. and Roberta M., 2328 40th St., Rock Island, Quad-City Bank and Trust Co., $200,000.


Conger, Charles A. and Karen L., 3841 Hobson Ave., Davenport, U.S. Bank, $128,800.

Crescenzi, Robert, 2808 E. Pleasant St., Davenport, America’s Wholesale Lender, $172,400.

Cress, David P. and Holly J., 30 Parkview Dr., Eldridge, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, $131,400.

Curry, John J. and Kelly A., 5413 Kristi Lane, Bettendorf, U.S. Bank, $195,000.

Davis, James E. and Bonnie L., 2244 N. Hazelwood Ave., First Midwest Bank, $100,120.

Building permits


St. Katharine’s/St. Mark’s, 1821 Sunset Dr., temporary sign.

Trademark Homes, 897 Pius Lane, electrical, Yates Electric Inc.


Cox, Roger, 1706 Roosevelt St., garage, $8,500.

Dean, Renee, 1000 8th Ave. S., decks, $800.

DeClercq, Charles, 1936 2nd Ave. S., fence, $200.

Pisipati, Dr. Parbhakar, 1320 11 St. N.W., sign, $17,000.

Drury, Joy, 1904 Bluff Blvd S., pool, fence, $3,000.


McGuaide, Gary, 1523 36th St., re-roof garage, $600.

Menke, Zachary D., 3231 14th St., re-roof house and garage, contractor Renaissance Construction, $5,000.

Menting, Louis J., 2228 46th St., deck, $2,200.

Mojica, Jose and Jovita, 1840 12th St., close-in existing screen porch with windows and door, $5,000.

Morris, Carol F., 2804 40th Ave., vinyl siding, soffit and fascia on house and garage, contractor Best Home Improvement, $6,580.


Frenell, Charles, 18427 2nd Ave., Barstow, Ill., room addition, contractor M&I Construction, $32,000.

Fuhr, Wyatt, 13318 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, Ill., addition, $86,767.

Gallagher, Marcia, 8028 54th St., Coal Valley, Ill., room addition, contractor Mack Construction, $19,800.

Glancy, Don, 11529 18th St., Milan, Ill., vinyl siding, $1,350.

Goers, Wayne, 22414 251st St., Cordova, Ill., roofing, contractor Harold’s Roofing, $2,850.


Rural LeClaire

Stella, Frank and Wendy, 1198 Scenic Place, LeClaire, retaining wall, Benjamin M. Nordby, $10,000.

Business licenses


St. Paul the Apostle, St. Paul the Apostle, 916 E. Rusholme St., Sept. 16.

The Painted Penguin, Robin and Mike Nasatir, 320 W. Kimberly Rd., issued Sept. 15.



Seaba, William E., 529 Maple Ave., Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed Sept. 15.

Selser, Mary K. and Bruce E., 2394 Dunham St., Clinton, Chapter 7, filed Sept. 16.

Telsrow, William A., 2216 N. Lincoln Ave., Davenport, Chapter 13, filed Sept. 15.

White, Deborah K., 624 S. 3rd St., Eldridge, Chapter 13, filed Sept. 16.

Tax liens


Sellers, Jack W. and Judy L., 213 20th St., East Moline, United States, $11,705.09.


Sundholm, Daniel D., dba G&H Custom Crafts, 3111 Hickory Grove Rd., Davenport, Iowa Workforce Development, $512.96.

Marriage licenses


Bolender, Bradley D. and Katy J. Hankins, Iowa City.

Boyd, Albert T. and Marleana K. Voorhis, Davenport.

Bullock, Tracy L. and Carla D. Butler, Rock Island.

Cox, Joshua M. and Abigail N. Lee, Moline.

Dies, David R. and Jessica A. Vervaecke, Moline.

Douglas, James M. and Margaret A. Queck, Moline.

Wheeler, Glenn M. and Darcie L. Everson, Moline.

Wilkes, Garey W. Jr. and Betsy L. Horst, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Wilson, David L. and Victoria J. Forlini, Arlington, Va.

Wright, John A. Jr., Charlotte, Iowa, and Joleen J. Tietjens, Rock Island.


Swan, Corey J. and Brie C. Hammond, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tague, Cody R. and Chanda M. Leigh, Davenport.

Thompson, Garret L. and Joni M. Portelli, Davenport.

Uy, Hau Van Dinh and Mai Linh Thi Lam, Davenport.

VanCoillie, Adam E. and Shacarre L. Davis, Rock Island.

VanderTuig, Jeremy W. and Krystal L. Whitehead, Davenport.

Vickers, Brian A. and Amy M. Moeller, Bettendorf.

Vinajeras, Efrain J., Davenport, and Aurora D. Martinez, Upper Montclair, N.J.

Wadkins, Danny N. Jr., Rock Island, and Lisa N. Hageman, Davenport.

White, Robert W., Knoxville, Ill., and Susan K. Rice, Bettendorf.

Marriage dissolutions


McAdams, Patrick M., Moline, and Mary R. McAdams, Rock Island, Sept. 9.

Taylor, John T., East Moline, and Kristina L. Taylor, Moline, Sept. 23.


Irish, James H., address unknown, and Rhonda A. Irish, Davenport, Sept. 21.

Jacobson, Roxie A. and Derek S. Jacobson, Davenport, Sept. 20.

Johnson, Steven L. and Kim R. Johnson, Eldridge, Iowa, Sept. 20.

Loquist, Jeffrey M., Davenport, and Jodi M. Loquist, Princeton, Iowa, Sept. 29.

Drunken driving


Decker, Thomas G., 49, of Silvis, Ill., guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested June 18 in Rock Island. Sentenced Sept. 8, $745 fine, undergo alcohol treatment, 1-year supervision.

Dickey, Jerry L., 31, of Davenport, guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Feb. 18 in East Moline. Sentenced Aug. 24, 1-year conditional discharge, $745 fine, undergo alcohol treatment.

England, Stephanie M., 32, of 806 1/2 26th Ave., Rock Island, guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Aug. 5 in Rock Island. Sentenced Sept. 8, $745 fine, undergo alcohol treatment, 1-year supervision.


Schinkey, Donald F., 26, of Magnolia, Ill., guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested May 26 in Davenport. Sentenced July 20, 120-day jail sentence with all but 2 days suspended, $1,000 fine, costs, surcharge, DARE surcharge, correctional fees, court costs, substance abuse evaluation, 1-year probation.

Shorter, Alon L., 31, of 1730 W. 9th St., Davenport, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested July 8, 2001, in Davenport. Sentenced Aug. 18, 120-day jail sentence with all but 2 days suspended, $500 fine, costs, surcharge, DARE surcharge, correctional fees, court costs, substance abuse evaluation, 1-year probation.

Criminal dispositions


Hamilton, Michele L., 31, of 2525 7th Ave., Rock Island, guilty, forgery. Arrested July 1 in Milan, Ill. Sentenced Aug. 26, victim restitution, costs, 2 years probation.

Hiatt, Robert E., 20, of 1213 37th St., Rock Island, guilty, burglary. Arrested July 22 in Rock Island. Sentenced Sept. 12, 3-year jail sentence, costs.

Hicks, Candy A., 26, of 3319 40th St., Moline, guilty, retail theft. Arrested Aug. 22 in Moline. Sentenced Sept. 19, costs, 2 years probation.

Horton, Larry S. Jr., 30, of Davenport, guilty, aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Arrested July 1 in Moline. Sentenced Aug. 24, 3-year jail sentence, costs.

Jackson, Halbert L. Jr., 20, of 1003 25th St., Rock Island, guilty, aggravated cruelty to animals. Arrested July 13 in Rock Island. Sentenced Aug. 25, costs, 18 months probation.


Spies, Tony A., 35, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, guilty, controlled substance violation, precursor substance violation. Arrested May 11 in Bettendorf. Sentenced Aug. 11, 10-year prison sentence (both charges), costs, surcharge.

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