Genesis Medical Center

East Rusholme St., Davenport

Bridgemon, Juliette and Oliver, Bettendorf, girl, Dec. 3.

Galbreath, Roxanne, Davenport, girl, Dec. 3.

Jewell, Tamira and Labath, Daniel, Eldridge, Iowa, girl, Dec. 3.

McAllister, Gina and Cervantes, James, Davenport, girl, Dec. 3.

Meier, Candace, Davenport, girl, Dec. 3.

Stehmeier, Lindsay and Josh, Davenport, girl, Dec. 3.

Werning, Joyce and Jason, Blue Grass, Iowa, girl, Dec. 3.

Trinity at Terrace Park, Bettendorf

McCleary, Brandy and Cole, Kevin, Davenport, girl, Dec. 2.

Silver, Nicole and Timothy, Davenport, boy, Dec. 1.

Fire calls



2:43 p.m., 518 W. Locust St., investigate.

4:55 p.m., 1725 Winding Hills Rd., structure.

5:31 p.m., 1020 W. 6th St., investigate.

6:55 p.m., 522 W. 17th St., structure fire.


4:39 a.m., 1701 Eagles Crest Ave., investigate.

5 a.m., 2649 N. Pine St., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 19.



6:40 a.m., I-80 at I-88, vehicle fire.

8:26 a.m., 2221 10th St., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 6.



4:45 p.m., 3209 60th St., false alarm.

Daily EMS calls: 10.


Daily EMS calls: 1.



3:38 p.m., 33 Velie Dr., false alarm.

8:51 p.m., 111 20th St., false alarm.

Daily EMS calls: 9.


4:42 a.m., 7919 42nd St. W., false alarm.

6:51 a.m., 3705 9th St., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 2.

Public meetings


10 a.m., East Moline Housing Authority, City Hall.

1:30 p.m., Moline Traffic Committee, 3635 4th Ave.

4 p.m., Davenport Building Code Board, Public Works Center.

5 p.m., Davenport Planning and Zoning Committee, public hearing, City Hall.

6:30 p.m., Silvis City Council, 1040 1st Ave.

6:30 p.m., Moline Committee of the Whole, City Hall.

7 p.m., Bettendorf City Council, City Hall.

7 p.m., Carbon Cliff Village Board, Village Hall.

7:45 p.m., Moline City Council, City Hall.

Real estate deeds


Lund, Scott and Lyndi, to Justin Hendershot and Kelly Steuck, 512 W. 31st Ave., Milan, $114,737.

McKune, Shirley A., to David L. Craigmiles and Deniese E. Womack, 510 4th St. S., Cordova, $156,000.

Melton, Rick A., to Robert Rebitzer, 3210 4th St., Moline, $104,950.


Dial-Highland Quad-Cities LLC, to Steve C. and Kristine M. Boenish, 3801 Wilderness St., Bettendorf, $320,500.

Schilling, Eileen T., to Allen P. Kvidera, 4522 Bunker Hill Dr., Bettendorf, $141,000.

Schmidt, Brent A. and Lisa A., to Patricia M. Johnson, 1404 Elm St., Davenport, $100,000.



Varner, David S. and Rachael J., 804 17th St., Rapids City, Ill., Homecomings Financial Network, $118,000.

Verstraete, Linda L. and William A., 901 26th Ave. Ct., Silvis, Ill., Deere Harvester Credit Union, $221,600.

Vilt, Susan, 409 W. 11th Ave., Milan, Ill., Central States Mortgage, $111,000.

Wangler, Andrew M. and Heather K., 1116 8th St., Moline, Moline Municipal Credit Union, $109,800.

Ward, Patricia A., 4109 23rd Ave., Rock Island, Wells Fargo Bank, $108,000.

Wassell, David R. and Melody J., 2822 14th St., Moline, Deere Harvester Credit Union, $144,000.

Weeks, Jennifer and Martin, 1418 N. High St., Port Byron, Ill., First Magnus Financial, $130,400.

Wilson, Julie A. and Timothy T., 2617 13th Ave., Moline, Countrywide Home Loans, $102,400.


Boenish, Steve C. and Kristine M., 3801 Wilderness St., Bettendorf, Countrywide Home Loans Inc., $160,000.

Witcraft, Lee S., 24230 Territorial Rd., LeClaire, U.S. Bank, $118,701.

Building permits


Vanutrecht, David, 5569 N. Ridge Circle, alteration and electrical, property owner. $4,500.

Walter, Boy, 5091 Pigeon Creek Trail, plumbing, Northwest Mechanical.


Marceleno, Arturo and Josefina, 1314 6th Ave., boiler, contractor J.L. Brady Co., $5,100.

Maynard, James A., 1240 36th Ave., furnace & A/C, contractor Crawford Co., $6,000.

McCann, Samuel, 1700 88th Ave. W., furnace, contractor Holmes Sales & Service, $5,323.

McSparren, Lessie, 1844 36th St., furnace, contractor Heatco Service Co., $1,500.

Merle, Geraldine and James, 835 22nd St., roofing, contractor Durham Remodeling & Repair, $3,600.

Miller, Melody, 2953 45th St., furnace & A/C, contractor Schebler Co., $8,033.

Milton, Arthur A., 2926 27th St., geothermal heating/cooling unit, contractor Bill’s Heating & A/C, $10,000.

Miner, Gary B., 3435 35th St., roofing, contractor Winters Architectural Roofing, $3,400.

Moninski, Burnell L., 612 32nd St., furnace, $4,400.

O’Brien, Ernest S., 3115 6th Ave., roofing, $1,250.

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Rural LeClaire

Towne & Country Manor Development Corp., 705 Hartz Ct., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Dan Dolan Homes, $129,812.

Towne & Country Manor Development Corp., 707 Hartz Ct., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Dan Dolan Homes, $129,558.



Neppl, Jeffrey J. and Carrie A., fka Carrie A. Bolton, 1400 33rd St., Rock Island, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 6.

Pyle, Mary L., 813 N. Chestnut, Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 6.

Rangel, Jean M., 312 9th St., Silvis, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 6.


Bartos, Kelly L., fka Kelly L. Specht, P.O. Box 245, Lost Nation, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 13.

Blanck, Douglas J., 3412 E. Kimberly Rd. Apt. 84, Davenport, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 12.

Booth, Brenda L., 1546 W. Acre, Muscatine, Chapter 13, filed Oct. 12.

Briegel, Thomas D., 3953 Highway 61, Blue Grass, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 13.

Brown, Eric K., 5 Hickory Grove Ct., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed Oct. 12.

Marriage licenses


Thaxton, Scott M. and Angela D. Bainter, East Moline.


Jepsen, Dennis E. and Debra S. Pruett, Camanche, Iowa.

Keppy, Gary E., Eldridge, Iowa, and Jessica G. Johnson, Davenport.

King, John R. and Joanie S. Riddle, Davenport.

Klindt, Mark A. and Joanna M. Horton, Davenport.

Kremer, John D. and Yu Zhang, Davenport.

Marriage dissolutions


Pass, David E., Rock Island, and Jacqueline Pass, Dallas, Nov. 19.

Rangel, Rex, Moline, and Alma D. Rangel, Moline, Nov. 10.


Frembgen, Susan F. and Kevin W. Pamperin, Davenport, Nov. 15.

Golden, Carey E., Stockton, Iowa, and Terry A. Burton, Davenport, Nov. 14.

Hazen, Kelly J. and Jeffrey M. Hazen, Davenport, Nov. 2.

Kallenberger, Jacklyn A., Walcott, Iowa, and Robert L. Kallenberger, Davenport, Nov. 10.

Keefer, Sean M. and Kristen E. Keefer, Davenport, Nov. 9.

Criminal dispositions


Smith, Bradley W., 39, of 2127 44th St., Moline, guilty, DUI while license suspended. Arrested Aug. 31 in Moline. Sentenced Oct. 20, 180-day jail sentence, $500 fine, costs, 30 months probation.

Sunken, Christopher R., 36, of Hampton, Ill., guilty, possession of a controlled substance. Arrested May 6 in Rock Island. Sentenced Oct. 20, costs, 30 hours public service.


Hollingshed, Haley, 18, of 1219 W. 4th St., Davenport, guilty, 2nd-degree theft, 2nd-degree burglary. Arrested June 25 in Davenport. Sentenced Nov. 2, $278.80 victim restitution, costs, surcharge, 3 years probation.

Huff, Joseph, 22, of the Scott County Jail, guilty, assault. Arrested Aug. 26 in Davenport. Sentenced Nov. 4, 180-day jail sentence with all but 44 days suspended, $250 fine, costs, surcharge, 1-year probation.

Drunken driving


Malik, Margaret E., 37, of 2659 Whitewood Ave., Davenport, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested Sept. 9 in Davenport. Sentenced Nov. 2, 120-day jail sentence with all but 2 days suspended, $1,000 fine, costs, surcharge, DARE surcharge, court costs, correctional fees, substance abuse evaluation, 1-year probation.

Maxfield, Stephen E., 52, of 540 W. 29th St., Davenport, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested Aug. 24 in Davenport. Sentenced Oct. 19, costs, 1-year probation.

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