Genesis Medical Center

East Rusholme St., Davenport

Brokaw, Kimberly and Scott, Bettendorf, girl, May 21.

Dawson, Kristi and Chad, Davenport, boy, May 21.

Kaffenberger, Courtney and Aaron, Bettendorf, girl, May 21.

Miller, Stephanie and Joseph, Davenport, girl, May 21.

Trinity Medical Center, Moline

Barrett, Joyelle and Haynes, Anthony, Moline, girl, May 19.

Brown, Crystal and Kilgore, Todd, Rock Island, boy, May 19.

Kalac, Mandy and Kenneth, Rock Island, boy, May 20.

May, Naomi and Benjamin, Rock Island, boy, May 18.

Myers, Chana and Fabian, Stephen Jr., Rock Island, boy, May 19.

Remour, Rachel and Mitchel, Moline, girl, May 19.

Ryerson, Anne and Thomas, Geneseo, Ill., boy, May 20.

Wehr, Katy and David, Rock Island, girl, May 19.

Williams, Nikia, Rock Island, boy, May 20.

Fire calls



Daily EMS calls: 4.



9:34 a.m., 1575 W. 53rd St., investigate.

2:05 p.m., 3699 Diehn Ave., burn complaint.

2:46 p.m., 500 S. Birchwood Ave., burn complaint.

6:30 p.m., 1836 W. 6th St., assist citizen.

7:21 p.m., 1809 W. 54th St., structure fire.

7:33 p.m., 3115 Sunnyside Ave., burn complaint.

7:42 p.m., 6723 Northwest Blvd., trash fire.

9:16 p.m., 534 W. 17th St., trash fire.

10:18 p.m., 6213 Hillandale Rd., grass fire.

Daily EMS calls: 29.



Daily EMS calls: 6.



11:44 a.m., 515 23rd Ave., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 5.


1:17 a.m., 2132 37th St., investigate.

5:17 a.m., 2503 30th St., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 3.

Public meetings


8 a.m., Scott County Board of Supervisors, special committee of the whole, CASI, 1035 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport.

11:30 a.m., Scott County Board of Supervisors, special committee of the whole, CASI, 1035 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport.

4 p.m., Davenport Comprehensive Plan Committee, City Hall.

6:30 p.m., Moline Committee of the Whole, City Hall.

7 p.m., Long Grove City Council, City Hall.

7:45 p.m., Moline City Council, City Hall.

Real estate deeds


Hoover, Robert and Marjorie, to Joseph and Lynn Gustafson, 4429 46th Ave., Rock Island, $102,500.

Huebbe-Townsend, Terry and Janalea L. Huebbe, to Mary E. Senechal and Allen E. Blank, 5730 230th St. N., Port Byron, $219,900.

Janecke, Berniece M., to Ekalino Maseig Awour Kur and Agut Deng Anuk Magar, 2900 22nd Ave., Rock Island, $108,000.

JDR Properties Inc., to Joan D. Tiertsort, trust, 3619 34th St., Rock Island, $110,000.

Jordan, Clark and Gayle, to Garvin B. III and Helle K. Smith, 5203 37th Ave. Ct., Moline, $252,500.


S.K. Foods and Gas Inc., to Sood Inc., 3108 W. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $265,000.

Sommers, Kristin M. and Michael A., to James A. and Petra M. Chase, 2712 Tremont Ave., Davenport, $125,000.

Sood Inc., to Ram Inc., 3108 W. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $330,000.

Terry Knutsen Builder Inc., to Richard L. IV and Dennise Weyman trust, 3725 Kathleen Way, Davenport, $510,000.



Hanna, Dana M. and Ryan E. Thrasher, 2421 15th Ave., Moline, Quad-City Bank and Trust Co., $107,200.

Hanson, Pieter T., 15810 Rt. 84 N., East Moline, Quad-City Bank and Trust Co., $164,000.

Hungate, Heidi L. and Robert E. II, 7600 216th St. N., Port Byron, Ill., Port Byron State Bank, $232,000.

Jacks, Danny A. and Ladana A., 12014 42nd St. W., Milan, Ill., American Bank and Trust, $334,400.

Johnson, Julie A. and Timothy L., 602 11th Ave., Hampton, Ill., Countrywide Home Loans, $121,800.

Kent, Bonnie J. and Kriss K., 409 W. 2nd Ave., Coal Valley, Ill., Long Beach Mortgage Co., $114,000.

Khushu, Pamposh and Vivek Warikoo, 502 E. 14th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, Ill., IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, $200,000.

Langley, Christopher L. and Stephanie A., 2939 8th St., Moline, North American Savings Bank, $111,564.

Laud, Amy L. and Kurt G., 101 2nd Ave., Hampton, Ill., American Mortgage Network, $159,650.

Lohse, Claude M. and Sandra L., 4 Deer Trail Ct., Port Byron, Ill., Sirva Mortgage, $100,000.


Staver, John C. and Kristine L., 28001 238th St., LeClaire, Quad-City Bank and Trust Co., $392,000.

Fessler, Michael D. and Christine L., 2742 E. 32nd St., Davenport, U.S. Bank, $100,000.

Flenker, William P. and Mary K., and Kevin P. and Corinne L. Flenker, and Kim W. and Sandra K. Flenker, Lots 14-15 Clear View Addition, S13 T80N R4E, Scott County, Valley Independent Bank, $486,200.

Garman, Robert W. and Sandra, 4205 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, Blue Grass Savings Bank, $223,000.

Gottfreid, Robert M.. and Connie S., 409 W. Doral Dr., Eldridge, Northwest Bank and Trust Co., $150,400.

Hamerlinck, Jeffrey A. and Terri A., 1030 W. 57th Place, Davenport, MIT Lending, $110,600.

Hein, Michael R. and Kay A. Scott-Hein, 3406 240th St., Walcott, Liberty Trust and Savings Bank, $175,000.

Hemenway, Stanley D. and Angela R., 4125 Hillandale Rd., Davenport, Guaranty Bank, $106,735.

Hilltop Law LC, Lots 9-11 Block 7 Allen's 2nd Addition, Davenport, Sterling Federal Bank, $210,400.

Building permits


Aspen Homes LLC, 5793 Joshua St., electrical, Campbell Electric.

Blint, Terry, 3318 Greenbrier Dr., siding, Steve Nelson & Son Siding, $6,200.

Bries, Myron, 2530 E. Crest Ave., siding, Suburban Construction Inc., $6,985.

Brown, Paul T., 2485 Baron Ct., plumbing, Fiers Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Burlington, David W., 1931 Oak St., electrical, Hutchison Electric Co.


Anderson, Larry and Connie, 722 Isabella Ct., fence, $355.

Clinton Community Schools, 900 block of 7th and 8th Avenues S., fence, $4,000.

Olson, Kevin and Shelly, 1513 10th St. N.W., house, garage, porch, $148,000.

Petersen, Tim, 1507 12th Ave. N., shed, $1,000.

Whittgo, Peggy, 549 4th Ave. S., fence, $400.


Nettles, Jimmie Jr., 707 13th St., re-roof garage, $300.

Nonnenmann, Philip T., 1001 35th St. W., re-roof, $1,350.

Northridge Enterprise, LLC, 1001 21st Ave., replace roof, windows, doors, and some interior walls, $45,000.


Vols, Phyllis, 4214 214th St., Port Byron, Ill., electrical, $1,800.


Rural Bettendorf

Kent, Robert and Kay, 19025 251st Ave., Bettendorf, finish basement, Tom Faulhaber, $18,700.

Mosher, Brian and Stacye, 19497 258th Ave., Bettendorf, addition, McCartney Improvement Co., $12,800.

Rural Blue Grass

Amato, Joseph, 41 E. Timberline Dr., Blue Grass, addition, Joseph Amato, $24,800.

Rural Davenport

Curran, Pat, 14727 109th Ave. Ct., Davenport, shed with vinyl siding, Pat Curran, $1,000.

Rural LeClaire

Bloomingdale, Tom, 317 Meadow Lane, LeClaire, roof, Caulde Construction, permit fee $50.

Bormann, Darin, 628 Wisconsin St., LeClaire, roof, Darin Bormann, permit fee $50.

Brown, John, 26015 205th St., LeClaire, finish work started, John Brown, $2,000.



Lage, Carey J. and Pamela S., 2378 41st St., Rock Island, Chapter 13, filed March 23.

Leverette, Levin L. and Janet C., 221 S. Tremont St. Apt. 2, Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 21.

McCune, John W., 250 Community Square Apt. 83, Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 22.

McDanel, Lorri K., 301 S. Henry, Box 224, Annawan, Chapter 7, filed March 15.

McMillin, Brenda L., 1513 Bunn Ave., Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 15.

Perez, Francisco V. Jr. and Julie M., 3324 26th St., Rock Island, Chapter 13, filed March 23.

Porter, Bridgette A., 1149 Florence Ave., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 22.

Sellon, Brenda L., 1351 W. Carl Sandburg Dr. 1007, Galesburg, Chapter 13, filed March 22.

Sellon, Mark I., 115 S. Union, Wataga, Chapter 13, filed March 22.

Singbush, Lorrane K., aka Lorraine K. Dockerty, 3341 46th Ave., Moline, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Sornberger, Nichole L., 558 N. Broad St., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 7.

Spurgetis, Timothy and Tiffany P., 603 13th Ave., Hampton, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Stropes, Audrey Y., 2808 W. 3rd St., Coal Valley, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Surber, Virgil A. and Charlotte A., 229 E. 5th St., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 15.


Beik, Amanda K., 16031 65th St., Wapello, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Bird, Todd A., 3128 McKinley Ave., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Birks, Jason P. and Sheri M., 313 4th Ave., DeWitt, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Blind, Jeffrey D. and Lisa M., 17099 293rd St., Long Grove, Chapter 7, filed March 23.

Boles, Connie L., 2328 Dunham, Clinton, Chapter 7, filed March 30.

Broderson, Gary A. and Kathleen D., 108 E. 7th St., Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 24.

Chapman, Tim J. and Jamie J., 2312 W. 54th St., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Cline, Stephanie A., fka Stephanie A. Smith, 1636 W. Pleasant St., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 28.

Collins, Matthew J., 41 Albany Park, Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Cox, Keith A. and Michele L., 1802 Houser St., Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 30.



Sanders, Raymond and Martha, 2451 180th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $29,980.38.

Schroeder, Randy and Marianne, 1525 29th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $19,842.77.

Schroeder, Randy, 1525 29th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $107,228.59.

Stein, Richard and Linda S., 21564 Great River Dr., LeClaire, Department of the Treasury, $23,794.49.

Swanson, Gary A. and Janice R., 4104 Woodview Dr., Bettendorf, Iowa Department of Revenue, $11,405.75.

Marriage licenses


Sherrod, Eugene Jr. and Christina Crisp, Davenport.

Showalter, John E., Moline, and Jane A. Miller, Rock Island.

Wells, Michael J. and Maria J. Custer, Rock Island.

Westcott, Joseph R. and Denise L. Wood, Davenport.

Witte, Kenneth W. and Brenda S. Trent, Moline.


Lung, Sean P. and Christy M. Belk, DeWitt, Iowa.

Madden, Christopher M. and Amy J. Cook, Moline.

Madigan, Terry J. and Sarah J. Klauer, Davenport.

Maris, Andrus J. and Molly C. Riexinger, Davenport.

Mormann, Aaron P. and Audrey J. Gregan, Gainesville, Va.

Marriage dissolutions


Borgel, Mitchel E., Rock Island, and Deborah A. Borgel, Rock Island, May 10.

Bowen, George W. Jr., Silvis, Ill., and Debra A. Bowen, Colona, Ill., May 3.


Lohff, Linda K. and Harlan Lohff Jr., Bettendorf, April 28.

McGhee, Gloria J., Davenport, and Hayward L. McGhee, Bettendorf, April 25.

Miller, David J., Bettendorf, and Sharlene Y. Miller, Davenport, April 25.

Muzzey, April M. and David R. Bolinger, Davenport, April 20.

Drunken driving


Zaragoza, Thomas J., 32, of 4813 48th Ave., Moline, guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Nov. 4 in Rock Island. Sentenced March 18, $495 fine, undergo alcohol treatment, 1-year supervision.


Minney, Torrey A., 33, of 1824 W. 6th St., Davenport, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested Feb. 6 in Davenport. Sentenced April 28, 120-day jail sentence with all but 2 days suspended, $500 fine, $400 attorney fees, costs, surcharge, DARE surcharge, court costs, correctional fees, substance abuse evaluation, 1-year probation.

Criminal dispositions


Garner, James A., 32, of Silvis, Ill., guilty, bad check. Arrested Dec. 8 in Rock Island. Sentenced April 21, 1-year conditional discharge, victim restitution, costs.

Hostens, Michael E., 38, of 2610 39th Ave., Moline, guilty, retail theft. Arrested Dec. 14 in Moline. Sentenced April 25, 42-month jail sentence, costs.

Lam, Ronald, 46, of 1338 14th St., Rock Island, guilty, possession of a controlled substance. Arrested March 8 in Rock Island. Sentenced April 25, 2-year jail sentence.

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