Fire calls



No calls as of 5:30 p.m.



12:43 p.m., Mile Marker No. 2 at I-74, investigate.

4:27 p.m., 1630 W. Hayes St., electrical short.

9:51 p.m., 1016 W. 5th St., investigate.

EMS calls: 25.

East Moline


11:47 a.m., 2102 6th St., structure.

 Two EMS.



8:22 a.m., 3599 27th St., vehicle.

EMS calls: Six.


7:45 a.m., 1000 block of River Drive, investigate.

1:06 p.m., 1525 7th St., investigate.

EMS calls: Two.


12:06 p.m., 1735 1st Ave., false alarm.

12:14 p.m., 1209 21st Ave., false alarm.

3:41 p.m., 3918 14th St., false alarm.

3:45 p.m., 1900 6th Ave., assistance.

EMS calls: Four.


Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street, Davenport

Bachtel, Rachel and Jason, Davenport, boy, Jan. 28.

Bloch, Natasha, Davenport, boy, Jan. 13.

Mejia, Christina, Davenport, girl, Jan. 15.

Rodriguez, Emily, and Sims, Jacob, Davenport, boy, Jan. 26.

Trinity Medical Center, Moline

Brown, Jaime and Jeffery, Rock Island, boy, Jan. 26.

Muskeyvalley, Rasheda and Ronel, Rock Island, boy, Jan. 26.

Unger, Brandy, Rock Island, girl, Jan. 25.

Public meetings


4:30 p.m., Davenport Committee of the Whole, City Hall.

Real estate deeds


Baayen, George H. and Alice J., to Thomas F. and Marilyn R. Shields, 721 Mansur Ave., Carbon Cliff, $110,000.

Baccus, Phyllis, to Mary S. Seibert, 3411 15th St. A, Moline, $119,000.

Bassford, Richard S., to L.J. Sartor, 4510 15th St., Rock Island, $118,000.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Michael J. and Sherry A. Taube, 1513 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $278,427.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Roland K. and Joan A. Beardsworth, 1517 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $222,397.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Todd J. and Rhonda R. Kelsey, 1517 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $203,600.

Bennett, Raymond L. and Mabel L., to Daniel L. and Martha K. Dittmar, 2400 83rd Ave., Milan, $133,000.

Bowden, Amber L., to Jon S. and Vera E. Hinrichsen, 1715 25th Ave. Ct. Unit A, Rock Island, $111,000.

Bowers, Libby K., trustee, to Gloria I. Diaz, 3103 30th St., Rock Island, $410,000.

Bunton, Richard L. and Glenda N., to Loretta M. Smith, 1200 52nd St. Dr., Moline, $205,000.


Adams, Charles L. and Angel C., to Darin D. and Mary C. Oberhart, 3917 Valley View Dr., Bettendorf, $203,500.

Advance Homes Inc., to Nefees Kahn and Amana Hussain, 4842 Allen Rd., Bettendorf, $352,500.

Baker, Michelle, to Stanley and Jane Olson, 3995 Prairie Lane, Bettendorf, $190,000.

Brija-Towery, David and Judy, to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, 1210 Great River Rd., Princeton, $297,500.

Carius, Brant A. and Elizabeth, trustees, to Amy L. and Steven F. Berg, 3458 Marynoel Ave., Bettendorf, $302,000.

D.R. Millage Co. LLC, to John W. McCallister, 5404 Hugo Rd., Bettendorf, $510,000.

Schwartzhoff, Jeri J. and Sharon K., to Randolph S. and Shaney L. Ford, 1710 Pershing Ave. and 1716 Pershing Ave., Davenport, $101,000.

Shurr Family Farm LLC, to Country Club LLC, S4T78R5, Bettendorf, $780,500.

Terry Knutsen Builder Inc., to Richard W. and Sherril A. Ryan, 314 S. Blanche Dr., Eldridge, $248,500.

Yapp, Robert C. Jr. and Patricia Berg-Yapp, to Raymond A. and Katheryn Wieringa, 935 Mississippi Ave., Davenport, $357,000.



La Ferrara, Kelly S. and William E., 4314 9th St., East Moline, Wells Fargo Financial of Illinois, $159,255.

Lack, Derrick W. and Sherri R., 21925 60th Ave. N., Port Byron, Ill., Central Bank of Illinois, $157,500.

McGill, Patrice J., 5200 26th Ave. A Ct., Moline, Citimortgage, $101,600.

McKee, James A., 2615 43rd St., Rock Island, Service Plus Credit Union, $101,625.

Norman, Thomas S. Jr., 1809-13 2nd Ave., Rock Island, Wells Fargo Bank, $420,000.


Anderson, David M., 2607 Crestview Dr., Bettendorf, New Century Mortgage Corp., $106,200.

Baltimore, William R., 1812 Broadlawn Ave., Davenport, Encore Credit Corp., $136,133.

Belgarde, Edward V. and Janis A., 8740 210th St., Walcott, Fieldstone Mortgage Co., $144,000.

Wall, Steven T. and Julie A., 708 Fox Ridge Rd., Eldridge, Valley Bank, $167,062.

Wright, Roy W. and Frances M., 3131 Devils Glen Rd., Bettendorf, Wells Fargo Bank, $127,500.

Building permits


Phillis, Timothy C., 3312 36th St., furnace, contractor Morris Home Improvement, $1,700.

Poma, Joyce A., 2918 9th St., door, 6 vinyl windows, contractor Dungan Construction, $1,675.

Powell, Andrew W., 8904 Highland Dr., fireplaces, contractor Fireplaces Plus, $1,800.

Quinones, Lillian, 2615 15th Ave., roofing, soffit, fascia, contractor Bi-State Home Improvement, $10,807.

Resch, Kerri J. and William J., 2313 44th St., furnace and A/C, contractor Doug’s Heating & A/C, $4,000.



Statser, Joseph T., 1114 Western Ave., Davenport, Department of the Treasury, $5,161.56.

Stoffers, Jack Jr., dba Jack Stoffers & Sons, P.O. Box 157, Blue Grass, Iowa Workforce Development, $1,058.52.



Sellers, Richard D. and Mary K., 206 W. 13th Ave., Coal Valley, Chapter 13, filed Dec. 19.

Stoelting, Naomia L., 1337 ½ 15th St. A, Moline, Chapter 7, filed Dec. 20.

Taylor-Myers, Sharonn K., aka Sharonn K. Myers, fka Sharonn K. Taylor, aka Sharon K. Taylor-Myers, aka Sharon K. Myers, aka Sharon K. Taylor, 1313 14th St., Rock Island, Chapter 13, filed Dec. 30.

VanLandegen, Charles A., 122 W. 19th Ave., Coal Valley, Chapter 13, filed Dec. 21.


VanLandegen, Carol A., 14260 113th Ave. Lot 102, Davenport, Chapter 13, filed Dec. 21.

Vogel, Jean A., 3318 W. 48th St., Davenport, Chapter 13, filed Dec. 27.

Wentworth, Jack R. and Ethel L., 807 E. Platt St., Maquoketa, Chapter 7, filed Dec. 13.

Marriage licenses


Morales, Pascual and Berenice Jimenez, Moline.

Nolin, Daniel G. and Janna M. Hansen, Des Moines.

Redden, Roy W. and Linda C. Erdman, Carbon Cliff, Ill.


Funderburk, Anthony F., Davenport, and Melissa D. Scherbring, Bettendorf.

Glasgow, Kevin J. and Jaime M. Craig, Bettendorf.

Harvey, Chad M. and Danielle L. Roe, Davenport.

Marriage dissolutions


Bull, John T., Moline, and Rhonda L. Bull, Rock Island, Jan. 17.

McDonnell, Steven A. and Jane A. McDonnell, Moline, Jan. 19.


Crane, Bryan S. and Phyllis J. Hoye, Davenport, Jan. 12.

Early, Martha E. and Randy D. Dunaway, Eldridge, Iowa, Jan. 5.

Drunken driving


Johnson, Nicholas K., 21, of Colona, Ill., guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Nov. 29, 2005, in Rock Island. Sentenced Jan. 5, $495 fine, undergo alcohol treatment, 1-year supervision.

Kephart, Rickey D., 42, of Davenport, guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Aug. 31, 2005, in Rock Island. Sentenced Jan. 3, 2-year conditional discharge, costs.


Thompson, Kelsy E., 19, of 5124 Norwood Ave., Bettendorf, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested March 31, 2004, in Davenport. Sentenced Dec. 29, 2005, costs, 1-year probation.

Criminal dispositions


Kennedy, Martha A., 51, of 457 1/2 13th Ave., Rock Island, guilty, retail theft. Arrested Oct. 27, 2003, in Moline. Sentenced Jan. 3, 18-month jail sentence, costs.

Kimpe, Robert E. Jr., 34, of 1405 12th St., Moline, guilty, criminal trespass to a residence. Arrested Oct. 28, 2005, in Moline. Sentenced Jan. 5, $500 fine, costs, undergo alcohol treatment, undergo drug treatment, 2 years probation.

McGhee, Lamar D., 21, of 1836 7th St., Rock Island, guilty, manufacture or delivery of cocaine. Arrested Feb. 15, 2004, in Rock Island. Sentenced Jan. 4, 7-year jail sentence, costs.

Naab, Jonathan A., 26, of 2212 18th St. A, Moline, guilty, manufacture or delivery of cannabis. Arrested Feb. 24, 2005, by Illinois State Police. Sentenced Jan. 6, costs, 30 months probation.

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