Special Olympics Iowa will host the 12th annual Young Athletes Play Activity Day from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Davenport West Family YMCA. Young Athlete Play Days provide networking opportunities for parents of children with intellectual disabilities. The children can have fun and play with others while working toward together toward a goal, use their imagination and gain self-esteem. Activities include air flow jumper, ball darts, basketball, batting, bowling, 25-meter dash, musical balance beam, ribbon routine, soccer kick, standing long jump and tennis ball throw. Fifty-four Special Olympics Iowa athletes ages 2-8 will be accompanied by parents or teachers. Volunteers will run activities and work as team leaders. The event is sponsored by Variety-The Children’s Charity.

The activity day provides activities for children with intellectual disabilities who are too young to participate in other Special Olympics Iowa competitions, where the minimum entry age is 8 years.

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