IOWA CITY, Iowa  — A University of Iowa teaching assistant who accidentally emailed nude pictures of herself to math students is no longer assigned to their class.

University spokesman Tom Moore confirmed the assignment change for the graduate student late Wednesday, but didn't immediately elaborate.

The woman included the pictures as attachments on an email she sent Tuesday night to 28 students in a pre-calculus class for business students. She was apparently trying to attach the solutions to homework problems instead.

She has told university officials she regrets her mistake, and Moore called the incident unfortunate for all involved. The mixup became public after students in the class took to social media to describe what happened. The story soon went viral.

The university isn't identifying the teaching assistant, citing federal privacy laws.

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it is a bad thing that you progs/libs always try to speak for us and tell us what is best for handle refers to my actual handle while serving army 7yrs when this country was one with values....can you guess when that was? I've got 20 secs, tell me the progress made in the last 5yrs.................


that was uncalled for...didn't you mean you thought the joke was lame? you certainly weren't speaking for the rest of us as you libs/progs always, yes always, like to the way, how many different SENSES of humor do you have?

Eugenix Pure

Libs/ said that like it was a bad thing. Gawleeeeeeeeeeeee Vince, or Frank Sutton, or whatever your moniker refers to..:
Imagine your WWII battle cry to Unliberate Europe! And since you don't like Progress, you should regress back to CONgress, which anyone knows ins the opposite of PROgress.
But then I digress.


just happy it didn't happen in muscatine


She will not be teaching those students because apparently she "doesn't have any class"! Now that was funny, I don't care who you are. So much for the idea that everyone in Iowa is straight laced and boring.


She's being accused of using her numerators to find a denominator. She accidentally tried to solve this equation exponentially. It happens.


Exponentially as in x-cubed...otherwise known as x-x-x.


Those nude pictures may have peaked the math students interest in multiplying.


I suppose she can always run for Governor of New York now.


Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Why do the teabaghers always have such bad senses of humor? I mean, most of them like Larry the Cable guy, so I guess that explains it. Weiner is a scum ,but your joke was lame.


Well at least she wasn't caught in the Minneapolis airport men's room cruising for a Weiner .....

2006 ..... The year the Family Values Party dominated the Sex Scandal news for weeks on end .....

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