Representatives of more than a dozen Quad-City agencies exploring ways to help care for the flood of Central American children at the nation’s border will meet for a second time Monday at the Davenport Public Library downtown.

“We’re going to see what progress has been made over the past week as to learning what the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires for us to house the refugees, and how our resources match up," Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said Saturday. Gluba initiated the effort called the “Caring Cities Campaign.”

“Hopefully we’ll know what steps we need to take next,” he added.

Nora Dvorak, who for years ran the refugee resettlement program for the Diocese of Davenport, has been appointed by Gluba to coordinate the efforts of the local agencies.

At an initial meeting last week, the group determined that it needed to contact HHS and have the agency better define what the Quad-City area will be allowed to do to provide for the care of the children until they are repatriated to their own country. 

Gluba said both he and city aldermen have been getting a lot of e-mails on the issue. Some e-mails are from people who support the efforts to help the children. Other e-mails, he said, “are full of vitriol” about city tax dollars being spent on the refugees. 

“I want to make clear this effort is a private initiative of the local services community and myself, not the city of Davenport,” Gluba said. “No city money is being expended.”

Should the area be able to help with the crisis, “it would all be paid for by the federal government,” he added.

Monday’s meeting will be at 4 p.m.

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Americans are not allowed to hold jobs SO. OF THE BORDOR.


Really. The right wing crazies are going off.

Children facing death came here while parents face death.

Send them back to what. Death!!!

You idiots sure know how to make everything political. How about we give them a nice meal and send them to death. Idiots!!!


Please, please, please, make sure these kids are screened for disease. There are outbreaks of disease already from all the people coming in. Border Patrol agents are falling sick with diseases we haven't seen in a long time and some that we have never seen.


Is this meeting open to the public or behind closed doors ?

Got dents

The U.S. government will accept all these kids and distribute them throughout the country to families who will take them in. These adoption families will receive government benefits to help raise these kids. I know this for a fact because I know people who adopt kids for the benefits of government subsidies. Instead of using the money to raise the kids they use it to support their own lifestyles. The word gets back to the families who are sending these kids and they keep sending more because they know the U. S. will accept them. Think of it like the mass exodus of American jobs leaving to China. Once you allow one to go, the rest will follow.


Kudos Mayor Gluba...making us all proud to claim Davenport home. And it is wonderful that the Diocese of Davenport and Bishop Amos are fully supportive of this effort. TO the xenophobes spewing hate...I hope you sit in the last pews in the back of the Church next Sunday.

4 Constitution Compliance
4 Constitution Compliance

so socialist gluba claims no taxpayer dollars will be used? that's a big lie. where does he think federal money originates?

these criminals deserve to be treated just as Jesus Christ said to treat them in matthew 25.

instead of 3.7 BILLION wasted dollars like Obama wants in his failed solution, we need to round these illegal aliens up, load them on a plane with a nice filling meal and fly them back to their homes to re-unite them with their parents and siblings.

total cost a little over 8 MILLION. that's a saving of nearly the entire 3.7 BILLION that Obama s failed answer asks for. and then the problem is eliminated, not a problem that festers and grows with each illegal girl giving birth to more illegitimate children.

treat them as Jesus would. return them to their families with a first class flight, a filling hot meal, plenty of nutritious juice and water to drink, and make sure they all have appropriate warm, clean clothing on their trip back home.

fulfilling matthew 25 while eliminating a problem Obama and the democratic party has planned for 10 months.


William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (signed by George W. Bush)

But, please, feel free to blame Obama.


Who is POTUS today, right now? Are you telling me Mr. Executive Order couldn't solve this with a stroke of his previously omnipotent pen? No doubt that the illegals are taking advantage of a loophole, but Obama has moved the Border Patrol fifty miles inside the border to ensure that anyone picked up will already be in the country and thus subject to that said loophole. He engineered this "crisis", he stupidly (as usual) thought he could create havoc and take advantage of it politically. He gored himself, it is backfiring on him but even so we are going to pay for this. We can't afford to accept everyone who wants in. We know Obama advertises in Mexico, south and central America. There are Food Stamp pamphlets hanging in public places in Mexico, advertising the free food we will give them when they get here.


Bill, Will you pay for the school costs?
and while you at doing that, why don't you work to help the homeless CITIZEN children get off the streets of Davenport?
and then do the same for homeless CITIZEN vets?

You've got lots to do to improve the lives of Davenport CITIZENS before you turn attention to ILLEGALS !!


I give Mayor Gluba props for standing up and suggesting that Davenport helps with this human tragedy. To those judging and complaining: Where is your compassion and respect for human dignity? Mayor Gluba, thank you for for being a human being and standing up for what is likely an unpopular stance on this tragedy. I am a Quad-City native and am proud that our community is being proactive under Gluba's leadership.


QCteacher - I have compassion BUT charity starts at home. We already have enough poor kids in America, we do not need more blood suckers. If you and Glubba want to help these CROOKS (ILLEGALS) take them in your home. You feed them, You provide them with their medical needs, you buy their clothes and you make SURE that none turn into more gangs that terrorize our streets. WE don't need them here in the Quad Cities PERIOD! They belong back home with their FAMILIES. If their country has terrorists, then those people need to finally say enough is enough and stand up against the crooks in THEIR country.


Who pays for their schooling? food ? transportation?
Bill......why are you not helping the homeless , CITIZEN kids on the streets of Davenport? the homeless CITIZEN vets on the streets of Davenport?

and will you support me when I determine which laws I will obey and those I won't?


Legal vs illegal. Forget about the age. Forget about the motive. Forget about cost. Is it legal to come into this country the way thses children did? Yes or no?


Tax dollars won't be used? Tax dollars are used by having city officials discuss it. Unless they are working on it off the clock.


This situation was caused by our government and needs to be fixed. But the last thing we want to do is send these children back to the parents who sent them packing, alone, and with questionable chances of survival.

If Gluba thinks he can come up with a plan with money he doesn't yet have, or funds he will probably never control, more power to him.


Wonder who on this panel of representatives from the agencies is knowledgeable about the laws about Central Americans who cross the border? (Those laws are not the same as those regarding immigrants from Mexico).

Wonder who cares that they will be here for years before they even get the hearing regarding their illegal status?

Wonder who will be paying for their health care, education, free lunches, medical care, and clothes during the many years in which they be here awaiting their hearing?

Wonder why we get lured in to the promises that it won't be our dime funding these services - it's our dime whether it comes from Federal or city taxes?

Wonder why we forgot that the millions of immigrants who came here in the last two centuries couldn't enter the country unless they had someone to support them and help them find a job; nor could they enter the U.S.A. if they had a disease - those factors were carefully checked at Ellis Island and many were immediately sent back?

Wonder why we forget the facts? Wonder why we are labeled 'unChristian' if we address these facts and love behind these immigration laws that we now want to ignore?

Wonder why we just don't think about this?
Wonder why we don't think. Period.

Maybe it's because we wouldn't like the result of thinking using facts. We're good at that.


I wonder how some people in the US become so bigoted they would condemn over 50,000 children to a sure death or a life of prostitution?


longjohn412 You need to open your eyes. Go to L.A., CHICAGO, SAN FRANCISCO, OAKLAND, LAS VEGAS, and on and on. Take a good hard look at their gangs. You will find out that these gangs ARE NOT ALL AMERICAN. Go to prisons and you will see more non American gangs. Now I'm not saying that all these ILLEGALS ( and what part if illegals is it that you do not understand) will turn in to gangs, but violence is all that they have known, and thats a good start to their violent lives! You want them, you can take as many as you wish. But remember NO TAX MONEY!


Mayor Gluba quote," No city money is being expended." Maybe not yet but it will be in the future. Illegal is Illegal no matter age,race or religion.

Over taxed


Reich Wing Propaganda Rag ....


longjohn412 - in your stupid reply to over taxed you are among the stupid people. How do you figure that there would only be 16 bad kids out of 50,000. and where did you come up with those figures? Out of the blue???????


So you'd deny over 50,000 children shelter because you found a mere 16 bad ones?

Wouldn't it be easier just to weed the 16 out instead of literally throwing the babies out with the bathwater?


Well, sorta true. But the city of Davenport lacks those kind of resources !!!


Wonder how you'd feel if a family member was raped, murdered, or hurt by one of the "mere"?

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