After being disabled by a storm three months ago, Alcoa Davenport Works’ eaglecam is working again — just in time for the eagles’ winter preparations to the nest.

The web camera, which has drawn more than 12 million hits to Alcoa’s web site since last spring, went back online last week, Alcoa spokesman John Riches said Monday. He added that the audio still is not working.

At the beginning of the year, Alcoa’s eaglecam began streaming live video from the eagle nest on the factory’s Riverdale property. The camera has given millions a birds-eye view of the nest as three eggs were laid and three eaglets hatched last spring.

When a storm first damaged the camera in June, Riches said crews could not go up to repair it because the eagles were still using the nest. Then in August, a crew installed a new camera, which worked for awhile. But when it stopped working again, he said it was determined the cabling had been damaged as well.

Riches said that luckily, the camera was down when there is not a lot of activity in the nest. Since the camera became operational again, he said some viewers to the web site “have posted comments about seeing the eagles bringing sticks to the nest and getting ready for winter.”

The eaglecam and the nest became an Internet sensation last spring as viewers from across the world watched the trio of eaglets — named Faith, Hope and Spirit — first hatch, then grow and finally leave the nest. The parents, Justice and Liberty, were named by Alcoa employees a few years ago.

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