JESUP, Iowa --- Authorities have made an arrest in the case of a dead dog discovered in a cage abandoned along a rural road Feb. 16.

Officers with the Jesup Police Department arrested Ty Alyn Hickman, 23, Thursday night on a charge of animal torture, said Maria Tiller, a Waterloo animal control and code enforcement officer who was involved in the investigation.

The charge is an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by up to two years behind bars, and Hickman was taken to the Buchanan County Jail.

"I always felt this case would be solved," said Diann Helmers of Agape Fosters, a Reinbeck animal rescue. She said she thought people would come forward with information because it was the right thing to do or because of a reward, which reached $7,500.

Tiller said a decision about payment wouldn't come until the prosecution of Hickman was concluded because a successful conviction was one of the conditions of the reward.

But she said tips from the public were behind the arrest.

"Without the help of the public, we never would have got this far," Tiller said.

The dog, a Dane-Lab mix dubbed "Caleb," was discovered apparently malnourished and covered in feces in a pet carrier n the 2700 block of Independence Avenue on Feb. 16.

Helmers started a Facebook page to spread the word about the neglect and started the reward fund with a $500 offer. In the weeks that followed, other donors and organizations contributed to the fund.

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Pray for the monsters small daughter she is going to need all the help she can get


That picture is very appropriate don't let people forget because anybody that does something like that will have absolutely no problem doing the same to a child.only on the armpit


What's next a child


This chump needs his legs broke for starters.second don't you just know the court will give him a sweetheart deal they always do always


Poor baby. This just breaks my heart. What a sick individual. I think there should be a warning when you post a picture like this. I don't know how people who work in the veterinary business can deal with these sadness all the time.


That worthless POS is a total and complete waste of human skin. He needs to get every bit of the maximum sentence, not one second less. While incarcerated he should be made to muck out stalls, change & clean litter pans at rescue organizations and follow along every dog with a pooper scooper. This of course, will all be done without him being fed food of any kind or water. Stories like this make me sick.


Ok everyone made a stink that the picture was helping show everyone what they did and would encourage them to be caught, blah blah. Now it's done...take the stinkin' picture off. It's still not appropriate.


No, because the picture is worth a thousand words. This is the cruel outcome for the poor dog while the perpetrator, Bubba the Hutt, will get a slap on the wrist and continue working on growing a third and fourth chin. His crime will not be swept under the rug because you are uncomfortable with it.


He could have taken that poor dog to an animal shelter just as easily as tossing it out on that road. And he could have done it well before the dog became malnourished. It takes a very cruel person to do something like this.


What a bozo! What? You were just too busy to feed the poor thing? Or to give him shelter. I hope the judge makes it a condition of your sentence that you can NEVER own another dog. Or cat, or parakeet for that matter. You are what gives the human race a bad name.


This breaks my heart. :( No animal should have to suffer this way. (tear)


This was so sad. I hope he gets jail time, anyone that could do that to a animal is dangerous. Believe me, I know this for a fact.


The animal abuse is never going to end until these people get whats coming to them. The laws need to be stricter! I've got 3 little wiennie dogs.........I treat them like my children. All pets want is to be loved and love back. It just sickens me to see pictures of these animals and what these horrible people do to them. Why must some people be so disrespectful and unfeeling. They need to be fined, jailed, and to rot with the devil!

Terry W

What a dirt bag, hope he does time.

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