Arrest mugs and booking information on Scott County Jail inmates are now just a click away.

Inmates booked into the Scott County Jail are now listed at the county’s Web site — with mug shot, name, age, hometown, charge, arresting agency and bail. The Web site, which doesn’t include federal inmates housed at the jail, went live Tuesday.

“It is all public information, except for criminal investigation information,” Sheriff Dennis Conard said. “If you have a first name and a last name, you’ll be able to see the information available from the arresting agency and print out a mug shot.”

The sheriff’s department had been studying whether to post the information for about six months. The Scott County Web site is modeled after the sheriff’s department Web site of the Ada County (Idaho) Sheriff’s Department. That Web site updates every 24 hours. Scott County’s will update more frequently, but expect some lag time, Conard said

“Technically, it updates every 10 minutes, but if an inmate isn’t cooperative, they might move to the back of the line and not be there right away,” Conard said. “If we get busy, it is first-come, first-served.”

The Web site also provides the time the person was booked into the jail and the duration of their jail stay.

Inmates can be searched by last and first name, arresting agency, “in custody” or “released within the last 7 days.”

Scott County’s online information is rare for Iowa. Polk and Dallas counties provide inmate mug shots and other information on their Web sites. Blackhawk County provides inmate information but doesn’t post their photos.

Polk County’s decision to post inmate mug shots online was done to save correctional officers time from being on the phone providing information on inmates to families, other agencies and the media.

“When we had 300-400 inmates, to answer that many phone calls for that number of inmates just overwhelmed our help desk,” Polk County Deputy Jana Rooker said. “By putting it out there on the Web, it alleviated some of the questions people had.”

Polk County had 934 inmates in its Feb. 22 weekly census. Scott County housed 247 inmates on Feb. 19.

Bettendorf Police Chief Phil Redington thinks the online mug shots and inmate information will work well.

“I think it is a good service they are providing the community,” he said. “It also is good for us in that instead of making a phone call and taking up someone’s time, we can just look online to find if someone is in jail.”

The online information and mugs aren’t expected to cause problems for investigators, Davenport Chief Frank Donchez said.

“Once people are booked into the jail, it isn’t going to impact an investigation,” he said.