John Wisor sat smiling at the drawings spread out before him on a table at his Village of East Davenport restaurant.

The long wait is over.

Wisor said he expects the demolition debris from the site of the old Peter C. Bruchmann house, 1125 Jersey Ridge Road, to be cleared away immediately, and construction on the foundation for his new home to begin in the next couple of weeks.

Wisor, the owner of 11th Street Precinct and other properties in the Village of East Davenport, faced considerable opposition to his plans to raze the 111-year-old Bruchmann house and build a new home on the hilltop perch.

Preservationists fought the demolition, ultimately losing to a December vote by the Davenport City Council, which granted Wisor the go-ahead. He was issued a demolition permit on March 28, and the house was taken down Tuesday.

The drawings for the new home show a larger dwelling than the Bruchmann house, including a three-car garage, swimming pool and pool house. The first floor will contain 2,300 square feet, with the same amount of space in the finished basement.

The home also has a 900-square-foot apartment above the garage.

Wisor said Tuesday that he chose the property because of its location in the village. He never planned to live in the Bruchmann house, he said, and knew immediately the home was not salvageable.

“It sat on the market forever,” he said. “We gave them a low offer — as is — and they took it. Nobody wanted it.”

He said his work with city planners went smoothly, and he made changes to the new home, based on their ideas.

“Working with the city employees has been no problem” he said. “They’re cool. We worked with them. For instance, we added a front porch at their urging.”

City planner Matt Flynn said he and others met with Wisor several times and made suggestions to “tweak” his plans.

“We just wanted to keep some of the traditional appearances,” he said. “We thought the front should be more prominent, and you can achieve that by adding a large porch.”

The Design Review Committee of the city’s Plan & Zoning Commission approved Wisor’s design drawings in November.

The next step is for the construction and site plans to be approved by Jake Ralfs, plans examiner for the city. He said he is in the process of reviewing Wisor’s application for a construction permit and expects to have it completed as early as the end of this week.

“I don’t see any major issues,” he said. “It’s very nice.”