Anne Dickey and Laura Hartman have been waiting for the Illinois General Assembly to legalize same-sex marriage.

Dickey, 39, a stay-at-home parent to the couple’s child, Theodore Hartman, 3, and Hartman, 35, a professor of religion and ethics at Rock Island’s Augustana College, can now legally take that walk down the aisle after Illinois lawmakers passed a same-sex marriage bill that Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to quickly sign into law.

The law takes effect June 1.

The couple met in 2005 at the University of Virginia where Hartman was getting her doctorate and Dickey was working for the University of Virginia Health System.

They took part in a civil union on June 2, 2011, with many other couples, but that wasn’t a wedding, Dickey said.

They could have gotten married in Iowa, she added, but that wasn’t the path they wanted to follow.

“When we came to Illinois, we wanted to invest in the community where we lived and be as legitimate as the state would let us be,” Dickey said. “We agreed we would not get married until we could do it legally in the place where we were living.

“If we were asking the state of Illinois to treat us with respect, then we had to treat the legislative process with respect. I’m civilly united to an ethicist, so she likes a good principle to stand on.”

With their civil union and with the state of Illinois recognizing both of them as Theo’s legal parents, Dickey said the couple is farther along than they would be if they were living in her native Virginia or in Hartman’s native Kentucky.

Now, they can plan a real wedding, she said.

“Laura loves a good party and she’s a huge romantic,” Dickey said. “It was worth waiting for.”

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Theodore already looks confused ....professor of religion ? Holy Crapp


Wow, just wow stitch. If you want to feel sorry for a kid, try feeling sorry for the kids who are being abused and neglected by low life parents. Or feel sorry for the kids who don't get enough to eat or get hugs or attention, discipline, structure or the basic essentials needed to survive and become a functional member of society....Single moms and dads just have to laugh at that ridiculous statement you just made. That kid is being raised by two loving and apparently very well educated and well rounded parents. If only all children could be so lucky.


It is interesting to see how ignorant people can be. When a person is a single mother or father who is that childs role model? I have friends who had only one or the other, they are a very well rounded individuals. There may be a brother, grandfather or uncle that is close with the child. As far as the "perverted condition" I think that is your own problem to deal with. Welcome to 2013. Love is love.


I feel sorry for Theodore. He will be raised in what may be a very loving home, just not a normal one. Who will this boy have as a male role model? He will be stuck with the perverted condition of "I have two mommies." Will he ever know who his father is or have these two made it so the little boy will never know what half of his heritage is.


Stitch, I feel sorry for you and anyone that associates with you. Just because someone has a father, doesn't give them a good male roll model. One can be found in a teacher, coach, etc...

RI to Bett

Best wishes, Anne and Laura! Theo is lucky to have such kind and loving parents.


1971, I feel sorry for your kids. And that Adam and Eve joke is almost as old as the crust in your underwear.....both from around 1971.

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