Q: There was a very nice restaurant on Campbell’s Island many years ago, but I can’t recall the name. Could you help?

— Joice, Davenport

A: A search of stories in Times archives came across several references to the Ship’s Wheel on Campbell’s Island in East Moline.

 Through the years, Campbell’s Island has been a popular resort area and spot for recreational boating.  The pavilion on the island was the center of the activity and was called the House in the Woods until it burned in 1911. A rebuilt pavilion eventually became known as the Campbell’s Island Inn and was purchased in the late 1950s to become the headquarters for the Ship’s Wheel Boat Club.

The boat club became a popular place for dining, drinking and dancing in the 1950s and ’60s. The dining area had a nautical décor, the elite clientele dressed up for dinner and the white maple floor was a dancer’s paradise.

It had a floating dock so members could boat to the club. The first boats to arrive tied to the dock and the latecomers would raft off from them. The Ship’s Wheel never recovered after the 1965 flood and finally burned down in 1979.


Q: On Monday, Feb. 6, I was driving near the Quad-City International Airport in Moline and saw a large four-engine plane, maybe a 747, that was painted all black fly in low as if to land, touch down its wheels and take off again.  The plane circled around and did this three times that I saw. Where was this plane from and what was it doing?

— Tyler , Quad-Cities

A: According to Cathie Rochau, the marketing representative for the Quad-City International Airport, what you saw was KC-135 military aircraft doing “touch & go” maneuvers.

She added that the military has the ability to do this maneuver at any airport. “Perhaps that day, they were nearby and chose the Quad-City International Airport for whatever reason.”

Q: I am concerned that several University of Iowa basketball games have been on ESPNU. Many of us do not get that station. Many games from all over the country are on regular network stations. Why not Iowa?

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— Iowa fan from the Quad-Cities

A: Ask the Times addressed this question earlier in the season when only a few games had been broadcast on the standard cable lineup or the Big Ten Network. 

There was a chance Iowa’s men’s basketball rematch with Indiana would be broadcast on network television on CBS. But it’s no dice, as announced last week. Indiana will be hosted by Iowa at 5 p.m. Sunday in a game televised by Big Ten Network.

That will be the Hawkeyes’ 12th game televised by BTN this season. When the schedule was released, there was an option to give Iowa its first CBS game of the year against the Hoosiers. But CBS went with one of the other two Big Ten matchups that day, Michigan State vs. Purdue at 1 p.m.

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery spoke recently on the subject: “You want exposure in the state, but we want exposure nationally as well ... But the reality is, we’ve got to play better. That’s just a fact. As we do that, we’ll get more games on the Big Ten Network, we’ll have more opportunities to play on ESPN and the major networks.”

 (Answers provided from Times archives and reporters Jennifer DeWitt and Aaron Brenner.)

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