Flags mark underground utilities on 53rd Street west of I-74 in preparation for a widening project. (Larry Fisher/QUAD-CITY TIMES)

Q: Just exactly what is going on with the construction at 53rd Street and Interstate 74 in Davenport?  Are they widening 53rd Street to three lanes?  Are they widening the overpass?  Are they going to have “clover leaf” entrances and exits so motorists westbound on 53rd don’t have to cross traffic on 53rd to get onto I-74 to get to Illinois?  Are they going to have a right-turn lane on eastbound 53rd from Elmore onto I-74 to get to Illinois?  How long will this construction continue?  Is the work being done by the city, state or a local firm?

— Karen, Davenport

A: We got answers to your many questions from Douglas L. Rick, Interstate 74 project manager for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The construction on 53rd Street at I-74 includes the widening of 53rd Street to three lanes in each direction from Elmore Avenue to near Corporate Park Drive. This includes the widening of the bridge over I-74 to accommodate these six traffic lanes, plus a sidewalk. In addition, a continuous right-turn lane for eastbound 53rd Street traffic will be provided between Elmore Avenue and the I-74 on-ramp. The project also includes adding two ramps at the I-74 interchange to make this a “partial cloverleaf” interchange. The addition of these two “loop ramps” will eliminate the need for 53rd Street traffic to turn left to get onto I-74. 

Construction is expected to extend to the fall of 2012. Most of the lane closures will be taking place during the evening and early morning hours, although there could be some utility relocation work that extends beyond these hours.  To minimize the traffic impacts during the busy holiday shopping season, the contractor is expected to return the roadways and ramps to the existing normal traffic configuration by Nov. 15.

The prime contractor performing the work is McCarthy Improvement Co. of Davenport. The Iowa Department of Transportation is the lead agency, with the city of Davenport funding the portion of the project beyond the interchange area.

Q: When will the left-turn signal at the intersection of Devils Glen Road and 53rd Street going west on 53rd Street be activated again in Bettendorf?

— Dale, Bettendorf

A: Bill Connors, Bettendorf’s director of community development, said the problem has been corrected. The wind blew the camera off-line.

Q: I am attempting to make contact with Google, with no success. I have written 1600 Amphiteater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, phoned (650) 253-0000 and gone on Google support. No luck. Any ideas?

— Lou, Quad-Cities

A: Although the Mountain View, Calif., phone number (650) 253-0000 says that Google does not give live customer support at this time, we did connect with a Google representative when we called the Google offices in Irvine, Calif. The phone number there is (949) 794-1600 and you will need to dial “0” for customer service.

Followup file

Tillie from Davenport gives a big thank you to Davenport traffic engineer Gary Statz regarding the malfunctioning stop light at Wood Intermediate School on Division Street, which kept turning red when no one was nearby. “The light is now fixed and hooray for Mr. Statz. I do have faith in the system now, I guess things can get done.”

(Answers compiled by community editor Linda Watson, reporter Steven Martens and Davenport Public Library reference department.)