Q. Are there any plans to put up left turn signal lights on Hickory Grove Road at the W. Central Park Avenue intersection? If not, why not? -- Davenport Resident

A. We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"There are plans to install left turn signals for traffic on Hickory Grove Road at West Central Park. It will be part of an upcoming project to replace the signal equipment at the intersection. These signals will allow left turns with a flashing yellow arrow after the green arrow is off because there is adequate sight distance on Hickory Grove. The project will go out to bid in March and will be completed this summer."

Q. Why are the street lights not on in the mornings or really never on the 14th Street on ramp into the Arsenal from 5th Avenue in Moline? They had it closed for a period of time and now opened it up and there are no street lamps working. – Janet, Bettendorf

A. We contacted the city of Moline to find out. Josh Whiting, Moline traffic operations specialist, responded:

"The lights are working. We had a faulty 100 Amp main breaker."

Q. What has happened to Jenna Morton and Megan Noe of WQAD-TV8 News? Did they leave to pursue other job opportunities? It seems like channel 8 is losing a lot of good reporters lately. -- Brian

A. Jenna (Morton) Panicucci has been working as the development and marketing coordinator at Bethany for Children & Families, Moline, since November 2017, according to information on her profile on LinkedIn. She worked at WQAD-TV8 from August 2012 until November 2017, according to her LinkedIn profile. She married News 8 Photographer Anthony Panicucci in 2016, according to her Facebook profile.

We also contacted Jenna Panicucci. She said, "Yes, I left WQAD to pursue a new career. I am now the Development and Marketing Coordinator for Bethany for Children & Families."

Megan Noe is working at the University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia, according to a post on Twitter. A post from Jan. 11 on Megan Noe's Twitter account mentions her last official story at WQAD-TV8 about how the West Liberty, Iowa, Police Department helped an Iowa man pull off the perfect surprise proposal.

We also contacted Megan Noe. She said, "Yes, after five great years at WQAD, I've decided to make the switch from news to strategic communications. I'm working on the video team at MU Health Care in Columbia, Missouri. Mizzou is my alma mater, so it's fun to be back. The Quad-Cities, however, will always be home!"

Follow up file:

Dr. Steve Horwitz, DC, founder of TeamSafe™Sports, contacted Ask the Times regarding Thursday's question about NFL concussion protocols provided by Quad-City Times sports reporter Don Doxsie and The Indianapolis Star Tribune. He provided the following link to an article he authored https://goo.gl/RAbvLM

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