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Q. Thank you for responding to my question about the astronaut visiting the Quad-Cities. I don't think it was Neil Armstrong, though. Did Jim Irwin ever visit the Quad-Cities? This would have been in the 1970s or early 1980s. I left the area in the early fall of 1984. I believe it may have been an appearance at the old Holiday Inn on North Brady Street in Davenport. There wasn't much fanfare. -- A former Davenport resident

A. Jim Irwin was in Muscatine, Iowa, on Tuesday, April 27, 1976, according to stories in the Muscatine Journal. After checking stories in the Quad-City Times around the same date, there doesn't appear to be coverage of an appearance in Davenport. However, you mentioned there wasn't much fanfare. I have contacted NASA's media contact to see if they have any record of such a visit. I will be glad to follow up with any information they can provide.

If any Ask the Times readers have information regarding a visit by Jim Irwin or any other astronaut to Davenport during this time period, please contact us. (Ask the Times contact information listed at the bottom of this column)

James B. Irwin was invited to speak at the Muscatine High School auditorium. A reception was held in the school cafeteria following the program.

To read more about Irwin's appearance in Muscatine, visit

Q. In the early 1970s, was there a drive in restaurant by the name of Dipsy Doodle or something similar on Kimberly Road close to or near the Village Shopping Center? – Judy, Grand Mound, Iowa

A. Quad-City Times reporter and former Ask the Times columnist Deirdre Cox Baker received a similar question in 2003. According to her response published on July 3, 2003, in the Quad-City Times, "The Dipsy Doodle Drive Inn was located at 432 W. Kimberly Road from about 1960 and through 1979. Dipsy Doodle customers report it was both a drive-in type of restaurant and later a regular-style restaurant."

A photo of the Dipsy Doodle from Retro Quad-Cities Facebook page was posted on WQAD-TV8's website on April 14, 2016. To view the photo visit

Q. Are Scott County supervisors paid a salary. If so, how much and do they receive other benefits? What is the length of a term? -- James, Walcott, Iowa

A. Renee Luze-Johnson, administrative assistant to the Scott County Administration, responded:

"Yes, supervisors do receive a salary.

"Currently the four supervisors receive $42,200 per year and the chair receives $45,200. Terms are four years and they can elect to participate in county insurance.

"You can find their information"

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