Q. Bettendorf traffic along Middle Road at Forest Grove Road has been steadily increasing. With the opening of the BettPlex, the announced Family Entertainment Center as well as additional commercial developments, traffic will likely explode in that corridor by next winter. Middle Road for Forest Grove Road out to Interstate 80 is badly deteriorating and Forest Grove Road from Middle Road out to the junior high needs to be replaced. How is the city planning to handle what appears to be a traffic nightmare rapidly heading our way? – Robert

A. We contacted the city of Bettendorf to find out. Brian Schmidt, Bettendorf public works director, responded:

"There has been a lot of planning over the years by all city departments in anticipation of the growth occurring in the northeast portion of Bettendorf, and infrastructure needs have been a high priority. With the opening of the BettPlex and other surrounding developments next year, the city will improving Middle Road from Forest Grove Drive out to I-80. The improvements will include the addition of asphalt turn lanes at the intersection of Middle Road and Forest Grove Drive along with increased signalization along this corridor to facilitate the movement of traffic and increase safety. Then in 2020, the city will be reconstructing Forest Grove Drive from International Drive through the intersection of Middle Road in 2020. Also included in the city’s Community Improvement Program (CIP) is the resurfacing of Forest Grove Drive from Middle Road out to Criswell Street that will occur in 2018."

Q. With all the construction at Kimberly Road and Division Street this summer, why wasn't a right turn lane put in on Kimberly, turning north on Division? The other intersections got right turn lanes. -- Izzy

A. We contacted the city of Davenport for more information. Brian Schadt, Davenport city engineer, responded: "The city worked with the Iowa Department of Transportation on the design requirements. After reviewing the projected turning movements, in addition to the proximity of the existing business at the northeast corner of the intersection, it was determined that a right turn lane at this location was not feasible."

Q. Is there any truth to the rumor that a Kwik Star gas station is coming to LeClaire? – David

A. We contacted Kwik Star regarding your question. Steve Wrobel, Kwik Trip Inc. spokesman, said, "Just checked with all my usual sources for info. Nothing is on the docket for LeClaire (yet). I have our building schedule into March of 2018 -- but LeClaire is not on it. Sure would be a great location for us. Always feel welcome to check back in!"

Thanks for the question, David. We will keeping checking.

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