Q. I have a several questions regarding the traffic enforcement van:

1. Are they allowed to park on grassy areas?

2. Are they allowed to park on private property?

3. Is the sign (traffic enforced sign) supposed to be placed every time the van sets up?

4. Is there a distance that the sign is supposed to be placed?

5. Is there a distance requirement that the van can clock a vehicle at, i.e. within 500 feet of speed limit sign?

— Dale

A. We contacted the Davenport Police Department regarding your questions. Lt. Shawn Voigts, traffic safety bureau, responded:

"1. Most of the time, yes. The van can park on all city property (grass/gravel/asphalt etc).

"2. With the permission of the owner. An example would be school property. We have the school’s permission to do so.

"3. We are not required by law to place the sign every time, but as a matter of policy make every effort to do so. Because the sign is fairly large, weather conditions are sometimes a factor (wind blows the sign over).

"4. There is no set distance that the sign is to be placed, and it varies from location to location due to road and terrain features.

"5. There is no distance requirement.

"As a reminder to your readers, tickets from the enforcement van are civil violations as opposed to criminal ones issued by sworn officers. The van also does not issue citations until the vehicle is speeding 12 mph over the posted limit."

Follow-up file

The Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center at the Davenport Public Library and Genesis Health System provided additional information regarding the Marquette Street School and the old isolation hospital to a question asked in the Saturday, June 10, Ask the Times:

• Marquette St., 1955: #1410 County School for Retarded Children, #2406 Isolation Hospital

• 1958: #1410 Marquette School Cerebral Palsy Center, #2406 Isolation Hospital

• 1960: #1410 Marquette School – County Association for Retarded Children, #2406 Scott County Convalescent Hospital

• 1969: #1410 Marquette School, #2406 Area Development Center

• 1970: #1410 Vacant, #2406 Isolation Hospital

• 1973: #1410 Davenport Center for Continuing Education, #2406 Area Development Center

• 1974: #1410 Davenport Center for Continuing Education, #2406 Marquette School

Andy Burman, senior communications specialist with Genesis Health System, provided the following: 

"In 1876, the mayor, city council and board of health wanted to closed a decrepit 'Pest House' at Camp McClellan and build an isolation hospital close to the Mercy campus. This was done with the financial and managerial resources of Dr. R.J. Farquharson. The new building was constructed about a half block or so north of the hospital.

"In 1945, the Sisters sold the frame structure of this building and moved it off site. Then, the city of Davenport purchased an acre of ground from the Sisters for $3,500 and built a two-story brick hospital for isolation and treatment of communicable diseases. The building later became the property of Davenport Schools."

To view a combined timeline, visit qctimes.com/askthetimes.

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