Q. I am having a problem with Channel 8-1 and 8-3. 8-3 comes in fine, but I don't have a voice. 8-1 comes in fine until they break for weather and updates, then I only have a picture, no voice. Live with Kelly picture but no voice. When the 11 o'clock news comes on, it is fine and is good the rest of the day. Commercials come in all the time. I have had my TV checked, and it is fine. — Illinois reader

Q. We contacted WQAD-TV8 to find out. Engineer Troy Hollmer responded:

"I see this a couple times a month, not only for WQAD but other broadcast as well. Here is what I suspect is going on.

"I believe the audio selection on your TV for the 8.1 and 8.3 channels have somehow been switched to the SAP or secondary audio channel. Some programming will duplicate the primary audio on both the main audio channel and the SAP channel but not all; this is why some programs will have audio and other times you will not. Also this audio setting is stored in the TV for each channel. What I mean by that is maybe I would want the main audio on ESPN but someone else in the home wants the SAP on their soap channel for Spanish. It is stored in the TV, so when I switch to ESPN, the main audio is selected, then when the soap channel is selected, it switches the audio to SAP channel automatically. This audio selection is on the remote control and may have been selected in error. Once again, it is now stored in the memory. So each time the channel is selected the audio is switched.

"This may be in the setup menu, sound settings, audio. As you know, each TV manufacturer sets the remotes up slightly differently. I expect changing the audio setting will restore the audio.

"If I can be of any further help, let me know."

Q. I was wondering what happened to Julie Sisk at WQAD-TV8 news? Did she move, retire, take a break or is she on vacation? — Brian

A. According to information posted Nov. 23, 2016, on the WQAD-TV8 website, Julie Sisk was leaving WQAD-TV8 after more than 15 years. Here is a link to the story: bit.ly/2lGRqtk.

Here is additional information regarding Julie Sisk from her profile on LinkedIn: bit.ly/2lLNJlH.

Q. Who was the first woman on the Bettendorf Fire Department? — A Bettendorf reader

A. We contacted the city of Bettendorf to find out. Public information officer Lauran Haldeman said it was Danette Webber, who served on the Bettendorf Fire Department from 1989 to 1996.

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