Rock Island Arsenal Aerial

The Rock Island Arsenal shot from 3,500 feet in 2012.


Q. It appears there is quite a bit of roadwork or other construction along and near Rodman Avenue, the main drag at the Rock Island Arsenal. What's the project? — Autumn, Davenport

A. According to information in the Dec. 5, 2016, edition of Island Insight, a Rock Island Arsenal weekly newsletter:

"FY16 Family Housing Construction Notification

"Effective Nov. 28, the US Army Corps of Engineers began managing the Army Family Housing construction project on RIA north of Rodman Avenue in the area of the existing Rodman Quarters for a period of 540 working days. The project will demolish and replace the family housing neighborhood along Rodman Avenue with new homes, roadways, utilities, and subdivision amenities. The fenced in area will be off limits during the entire project duration. Rodman Avenue is expected to remain open to traffic in both directions. If necessary, short term, one lane closures during low traffic time may happen to accommodate construction.

"Expected Impacts:

"• Noise, dust, and extra traffic along Rodman Avenue during the project.

"• The shared use path along Rodman Avenue will be closed at the construction area.

"• Any utility outages necessary for this project will be coordinated and announced from public affairs prior to occurring.

"Permanent Changes:

"• The intersection at Rodman Avenue and Bldg. 150 will no longer be signalized. It will be converted to a two way stop controlled intersection.

"• Quarters 30/31 along Blunt Road (near the Sports Complex) will be demolished toward the end of the project. An announcement will be made prior to demolition.

"• The shared use path north of Rodman Avenue will extend from the Moline Gate to the west side of the new family housing development."

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Q. Several readers (including Greg and a Charlotte, Iowa, reader) have asked what has happened to Kelsey Woodard at WQAD-TV8?

A.  She married Jason Holtgrewe on Oct. 1, 2016, in Middleton, Tennessee, according to information on their wedding page

and her Facebook page

According to information posted on her Twitter feed at, she is marketing/recruiting coordinator at Modern Woodmen IL (NW) regional office.

Her LinkedIn profile at lists her as recruiting coordinator at Modern Woodmen of America. Her LinkedIn profile also lists that she was weekend meteorologist at WQAD News Channel 8 from September 2014 until August 2016. She has a bachelor of science degree in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences from Mississippi State University.

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