Q. When is the new Kwik Star going to open on Locust Street in Davenport? — Becky, Davenport

A. We contacted Kwik Star to find out. Steve Wrobel, Kwik Trip Inc. spokesman, said the the Locust Street Kwik Star will open at 5 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 19. There will be an open house at 10 a.m. Jan. 25 and a ribbon-cutting at 11 a.m. also on Jan. 25.

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Q. When are they going to repair the railroad crossing in the 1800 block of Rockingham Road? — William, Davenport

Q. I would like to know who is responsible for the railroad crossing west of Division Street on Rockingham Road? It needs to be fixed so people can drive over it without getting their car out of alignment. I was behind two cars going east, and the first car picked up something in his tire as he went over the crossing and had a flat tire. The city of Davenport or the railroad company needs to get the crossing fixed. It seems like no one cares about the west end. I think they think more about chickens. Maybe they should be reminded we also pay taxes. — Karen, Davenport

A. Several readers have asked about this area. We contacted Canadian Pacific and the city of Davenport regarding your questions. Andy Cummings, media relations manager for CP, responded:

"CP is responsible for maintaining the crossing itself, while the city is responsible for the pavement that approaches the crossing. While this crossing is safe, we are aware of the concerns of it being rough to drive over. We do have plans to rehabilitate this crossing, but have not yet firmed up the schedule for this work."

Nicole Gleason, public works director and assistant city administrator for Davenport, said, "The city plans to coordinate with Canadian Pacific to schedule this work for the coming construction season."

Q. What is the bright shiny object in the southwest part of the night sky around 7 p.m.? — Arnold, Eldridge

A. We contacted the Popular Astronomy Club Inc., Quad-Cities, regarding your question. Alan Sheidler, president, responded:

"Venus is the very bright object in the southwest after sunset. It is extremely bright. You are also correct that Mars is nearby, but it is much dimmer. Venus is much closer to us and is getting closer every day as it swings around the sun and gaining on the Earth. Right now, Mars is about 150 million miles from Earth, while Venus is only around 60 million miles. Venus is also larger than Mars and has a very reflective cloud deck. Even though Venus is only about 50 percent illuminated from our perspective, because it is larger, more reflective and a lot closer to us, it is many times brighter than Mars."

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