In addition to bridge and street realignment work by Iowa Department of Transportation, Bettendorf is replacing sewer and stormwater lines.


Follow-up file:

Q. To follow up on last Saturday's question, could the city of Bettendorf provide a breakdown of how the fees are actually expended? Also is the implication that the stormwater fees were used to finance construction of sewer separation work being performed as part of I-74 Bridge work? — Michael, Bettendorf

A. We contacted the city of Bettendorf for more information. Jason Schadt, budget manager for the city, responded:

"To best answer this question, I would direct him to the Statement of Cash Flows for FY 15/16. Because this is cash basis accounting the numbers will be slightly different but show a clear picture of cash into and out of the fund.

"In FY 15/16 about 12% of fees received were spent on operating supplies for administration, engineering, storm water maintenance and street sweeping. About 40% was spent on salaries and benefits for City Employees in these operations. The remaining funds are used to fund capital acquisitions such as vehicles, equipment and storm water projects as well as to make debt service payments on outstanding bonds used to finance large capital projects.

"Storm Water Utility Cash Flow FY 15/16

"+Receipts from customers, user, etc $1,467,983

"-Payments to suppliers, including administration, engineering, storm water maintenance operations, street sweeping, etc. -$184,306

"-Payments to employees, including administration, engineering, storm water maintenance operations, street sweeping, etc. -$586,342

"=Cash Provided by Operations $697,355

"+Transfer in for debt service $201,944

"+Transfer in for purchase of street sweeper $178,847

"-Transfer out for storm water management project at Family Museum -$24,686

"=Cash Provided by Non-Capital Financing Activities $356,105

"-Purchase of Capital Assets, including detention, creek stabilization, storm sewer and intake repairs, I-74 related projects and vehicles and equipment -$1,350,663

"+Proceeds from issuance of bonds $3,511,844

"-Debt service principal and interest payments -$854,998

"=Cash provided by Capital Financing Activities $1,306,223

"+Interest received $26,516

"=Increase in cash and cash Equivalents $2,386,179

"We suggest for further information concerning stormwater fees, he contact Budget Manager Jason Schadt at or 563-344-4116."

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