New License Plates

Gov. Kim Reynolds and acting Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg talk after unveiling the three final designs for the new standard license plate Thursday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

Stephen Mally, The Gazette

Q. What was the cost of hiring an artist to design the ridiculous, simple and non-representative of Iowa license plates? — Bill

A.  We contacted the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding your question and comments. Tracey Bramble responded:

"Absolutely nothing. Our in-house designers created all of the design options and art work at no cost.

"It might be helpful to give your readers this link to more questions and answers related to the new license plate designs."

Follow-up file

Q.  It's Friday (Aug. 11), and I'm outside Fejervary Pool trying to get in for the 5-6 p.m. adult lap swim. They seem to be closed again. What is going on? — Reader

A. We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Scott Hock, Davenport parks and recreation director, responded: "Thank you for following up with this one. I believe I was the person your reader spoke with at parks and recreation on Friday night about this issue. We did check with the pool and staff was there for lap swim, however, it has been the practice when it is just laps swim to just open the side gate and not the main entrance for lap swimmers. We typically do not have a cashier on duty when we reopen for lap swimming and the thought was to have better control over who was entering the restrooms by using the side gate. Your reader's concern has helped us identify that this practice does not allow those that are unaware of the practice to easily know if we are open for lap swim. We are discussing the best way to let swimmers know we are open, possibly with some additional signage in the future, but for now we will be opening up the front of the building so everyone can see we are open."

The reader also mentioned that he parks in the handicapped parking area at the pool. We asked Scott Hock if the side entrance was handicapped accessible. Hock said:

"The access point at Annie Wittenmyer is right next the main entrance and is accessible. The side entrance at Fejervary does have a ramp as well to the pool. The bigger concern at Fejervary is that it is hard to see from the front parking lot if there are people in the pool (the pool sits higher than the front parking lot) so if the front windows are closed it is hard for someone that parks in front to know that it is open. We appreciate your reader letting us know about the problem, and we are keeping the front windows open until we are able to add some signage that easily lets our swimmers know that we are open for lap swim."

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