Q. Do the Quad-City River Bandits receive bonus checks for making the playoffs and for winning the league championship? – John, Davenport

A. Quad-City Times sports reporter Steve Batterson covers the Quad-Cities River Bandits. He said, "Quad-Cities River Bandits players and coaches are actually employees of the Houston Astros, not the River Bandits.

"Paychecks from the Astros make their way into players' hands twice each month during the season, beginning in April and running through September.

"The level of pay is the same for every player on the team, whether they are a first-round draft pick, a 40th-round pick or a free-agent signing. Pay increases as players move to higher levels in the minors.

"They are paid their regular salary as long as the season runs, but receive no financial bonus for making the playoffs or winning the championship.

"River Bandits players and coaches will receive championship rings for winning the Midwest League championship, a tradition at all levels in the game at the professional level.

"Typically at the minor-league level, those rings are distributed to players in a ceremony held during spring training."

Q. With all of the construction on Rockingham Road on the west end of Davenport, the city could pay off a lot of their debt if the police would patrol the off streets like Elmwood Avenue, Clark Street and Farragut Street. People are speeding and not stopping at stop signs. They are even cutting across empty lots to get to places on Rockingham Road. I saw a guy go about 40 mph across an empty lot and he didn't stop a lick. – Calvin, Davenport

A. Calvin, thank you for your call and your comments. I'm assuming your question is, what can be done to change this situation? We contacted the Davenport Police Department. Captain Brent Biggs, Davenport Police Department criminal investigation division, said, "This information was passed along to patrol division and traffic for enforcement."

Q. When is the city of Davenport going to trim the trees, shrubs and native grasses in and around the city's downtown areas? The tree branches are hanging down blocking street signs (particularly bad for sign on River Drive onto Brady St.) and hanging over sidewalks (making it) difficult for walkers and blocking intersections. It certainly can't be easy for our out-of-town guests to get around. All areas of the downtown city should be a showcase for all. -- Josie

A. We contacted the city of Davenport regarding your comments and question. Nicole Gleason, public works director/assistant city administrator, advises that Chris Johnson, Davenport city arborist says crews trimmed in the downtown over the course of the past month and the only thing left to be completed are the oaks in the island, which will be pruned once the oaks are dormant.

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