Q. About mile marker 12 on the west side of Great River Road about a mile and a half south of Interstate 80 there are always cars parked there. I just wondered what is going on there? It's just north of the Lock and Dam. I was wondering if it is Lock and Dam workers parked there or if it's sportsmen hunting on the west side. There is kind of a ridge of cement there. — David, LeClaire, Iowa

A. We contacted the Scott County Sheriff's Office to find out. Lt. Chad Cribb of the patrol division responded:

"Most of the vehicles parked there belong to the cabins/homes on the canal. There are no roads leading to them. If I remember correctly, they left the west side of the road with more space so the residents/owners could park there. There are No Parking signs on the east side so they park on the west side because it is safer."