Q: I’ve noticed heavy equipment working between River Drive and the former Howard Johnson hotel just off the Government Bridge in Davenport. Can you tell me what they are doing?

 — Quad-Citian

A: The Davenport City Council approved vacating the section of 2nd Street from the Government Bridge to the intersection with River Drive at the request of the Public Works Department for traffic safety reasons, Public Works Director Mike Clarke said.

“The left-hand turn was a significant safety hazard due to the short sight distance and high speeds on River Drive,” Clarke said.

The city barricaded it off to vehicle traffic, and it remains barricaded today. 

“We left the street in place to serve as a construction lay down site during the resurfacing project on River Drive.  Now that the construction is complete in that area, Public Works will remove the street as part of our Winter Work Plan. We will install a grass finish with tree plantings in the spring consistent with and complementing the surrounding area,” he said.

The plan was coordinated with the Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce and Department of Parks and Recreation.

Q: How often are the keyboards on the public computers cleaned at the Davenport Public Library? It’s flu season and they say more germs are spread from keyboards than anywhere. They’re always very busy there, and I wonder how they handle that?

 — Patrick, Davenport

A: “We clean all of the keyboards here at the library every morning before we open!” is the response from the Davenport Public Library’s reference department. And the library also has hand sanitizer available for patrons to use during the day if they are concerned about germs.

Q: I’ve just started riding a bike again after 40 years. I went around a school bus that had its arm out, and the driver honked at me. Do I have to wait for a bus the way a car does?

— Reader

A: Yes, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation: “Bicyclists who come upon a school bus with flashing signal lights or a ‘stop’ swing-arm out must give the stop hand signal and then come to a complete stop.” When the stop sign goes down, you can then proceed.

Q: What is Yorkshire pudding? What goes into it?

— Reader

A: Yorkshire pudding, also known as batter pudding, is a dish that originated in Yorkshire, England. It is made from batter and usually served with roast meat and gravy. Ingredients include flour, salt, eggs, milk and lard, beef drippings or vegetable oil.


(Answers provided by Times reporter Kurt Allemeier, Davenport Public Library reference department and Waterloo Courier’s Call the Courier column.)

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Has anyone here heard of Google? I know the Quad Cities is about 30 years behind normal times, but do we really have to write letters into the newspaper to find out bicycle laws and what's in Yorkshire Pudding?

Jack S

......my thoughts exactly watchdog ...........but I was surprised to learn Yorkshire Pudding is NOT a dessert..............although i would definately give it a try..........


Really good comment Badgerbacker. Impressive!!!!!!!


Now they need to do something with that eyesore formerly known as the Howard Johnson's hotel. It's a shame the first thing you see coming into Davenport off the Government bridge is a decrepit, decaying hulk of an ugly boarded-up hotel. I know there have been legal problems with this building. Hopefully the wrecking ball will visit this site soon. I'm surpsrised the QCTs doesn't make more noise about this situation. They sit right across the street from this eyesore.


Bicyclists have to stop for a school bus stop sign? Say it isn't so! The next thing you're going to tell me is that they have to stop for regular stop signs and red lights too.

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