Q. In the past, when I pulled up my property assessment on the Scott County website, it showed a picture of my house. When I looked at it this weekend, (Sunday, July 30) the photo is no longer there. Is this something that the county did on purpose? Or is there a technical problem? My concern and other residents would be if the assessments are the most up to date based on renovations that have been done.

-- Julie, Davenport

A. We contacted the Scott County Assessor regarding you question. Ray Weiser, GIS coordinator for Scott County, responded:

"We've been having technical problems with the Parcel Query site recently related to images not showing up for properties across Scott County. We have been in contact with our vendor to address the issue and from our latest correspondence, it appears that photos of Davenport properties are now displaying properly with the remainder of the property photos expected to be back to normal later today (Aug. 3) pending a data transfer. We will continue to monitor the Parcel Query application and worked closely with our vendor to address any lingering issues. We recognize the value of the site to our constituents and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Q. Several roads were closed this summer including Division Street and Wisconsin Avenue for bridge repair over Interstate 80. They were all closed longer than specified. I thought they were going to resurface and make them much nicer. Now that they have reopened, it seems they are in worse condition than when they started. All they seemed to do was replace the guard rails. Why would they have to close the roads for that and why would it take so long? -- Linda, Eldridge, Iowa

A. We contacted the city of Davenport and the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding your questions.

Nicole Gleason, assistant city administrator/public works director for the city of Davenport, said, "This was a IDOT (Iowa Department of Transportation) project, not a public works project."

She also provided a link to the following information on the Iowa DOT's website http://bit.ly/2ffD8Oo

Catherine Cutler, transportation planner, District 6, for the Iowa DOT said, "The work is on city street bridges over I-80 and the Iowa DOT initiated those bridge repair projects. The preconstruction agreements are usually between the Iowa DOT and the LPA when we have cost sharing. In this case, we didn't have cost sharing and I brought those projects in our quarterly meeting and the city of Davenport was OK with closing the roads without agreements. The working days are usually specified by the Office of Contract and apparently the contractor took advantage of all the available time. Again the work was to maintain the bridges over I-80 and not to fix the city streets. It would be ideal to fix the bridges and the city streets at the same time but that is not always possible."

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