Q. How close to the Quad-Cities will you be able to view the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse? If it is visible from Bettendorf, how long will it last and what time will it occur? — Mike, Bettendorf

A. We contacted the Popular Astronomy Club Inc., Quad-Cities, regarding your questions. Alan Sheidler, president of the club, responded:

"From the Quad-Cities, the eclipse will not be total. The moon will cover approximately 90 percent of the sun. This means it will not be totally dark here like it will be in the area of totality (100 percent coverage). Totality will be about 200 miles southwest of the Quad-Cities. The path of totality will pass through the state of Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis. Folks wanting to experience totality will need to be in this path. From the Quad-Cities, it will not be possible to experience a total eclipse. However, if you are here on Aug. 21, head to the Moline Public Library to safely observe the eclipse. The Popular Astronomy Club will be there with the PACMO (mobile observatory) equipped to directly observe the sun. We will also have specially designed eclipse glasses which allow folks to directly look at the sun (safely) during the eclipse (which as I have already pointed out will be partial here). The moon will start to cover the sun at approximately 11:48. It reaches maximum coverage of the sun at 1:14 p.m. and ends at 2:38 p.m. Come to the Moline Public Library to see the partial solar eclipse on Aug. 21. Otherwise, head out to Missouri to view a total solar eclipse."

For more information on the Popular Astronomy Club, Quad-Cities, visit popularastronomyclub.org or go to Facebook at facebook.com/QCPAC.

To read more about 2017 total solar eclipse, visit qctimes.com/askthetimes.

Q. What happened to the hot dog stand that used to be in front of the Scott County Courthouse? He also used to operate in front of the Figge. — John, Davenport

A. We contacted the Scott County Health Department regarding your question. The Scott County Health Department handles mobile food vending licenses. Brooke Burke, community health consultant and public information officer for the department, responded:

"Your reader will be happy to know that Big Dog's hot dog stand is still in business! Some of our staff saw the stand just this week when they were walking around the Scott County buildings during their lunch breaks; one of the many sights of summer in downtown Davenport!

"Thanks for the question!"

According to information on Big Dog's Hot Dogs Facebook page at bit.ly/2uyk2Ge, the stand is located at the corner of the Figge Art Museum, 225 W. 2nd St., Davenport, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday and at the Freight House Farmers Market, 421 W. River Drive, Davenport 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays.

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