Rudy’s Tacos in the Village of East Davenport is expanding to an adjacent storefront, which is undergoing remodeling. Eventually, both storefronts will be used to house the larger restaurant. Linda Watson, QUAD-CITY TIMES


Q: What’s the status of the Rudy’s Tacos remodeling project in the Village of East Davenport?

— Davenport resident

A: Kevin Quijas, co-owner of the Quad-City restaurant chain, said work on the restaurant at 2214 E. 11th St., Davenport, is back on schedule after what he called “hangups with designs” from the city. The owners are renovating a former tavern just to the west of the current restaurant. He hopes that portion will be completed in about three months. Then, they will move the restaurant to the newly remodeled side. At that point, remodeling will begin on the current restaurant. Once finished on both sides, the restaurant will use the entire area to serve customers. In addition, the restaurant will offer dining on a second-floor level and a rooftop patio over the current side for additional diners.

Q: How many parking tickets are given out monthly in Davenport? How are those funds used?

— John , Davenport

A: Brandon Wright, interim finance director for the city, provided a tally.

In fiscal year 2012, the city issued 4,516 parking tickets, which averages to 376 per month. The funds are used to support the downtown parking system, including the parking facilities, operations, maintenance and enforcement.

Followup file

As a followup to recent stories and an Ask the Times question on how the grounding of the military air teams would affect the Quad-City Air Show (it won’t), we received a news release from the Chicago Rockford International Airport that its AirFest 2013 will be postponed because of the unavailability of the military aircraft. The Rockford show had been scheduled for June 1-2. The show’s headlining U.S. Navy Blue Angels recently updated air show partners that the team is ceasing demonstration practice until further notice. Due to this news, the decision was made to hold off and reschedule the show for a later date. Airport officials said they will re-evaluate other options and are planning to move the show to Labor Day weekend and focus on securing displays and performances of warbird and civilian aircraft.

 For safety reasons, the Blue Angels are required to meet a certain amount of demonstration practice hours before performing at any airshow. The team’s cancelled practices put their appearance at the June show in question. The Blue Angels also announced another performance cancellation at the Vidalia Onion Festival Air Show in April.

 (Answers provided by Times reporters Doug Schorpp, Kurt Allemeier and community editor Linda Watson.)