Q. I'm wondering if someone can explain what is happening just to the south of Duck Creek trail near Junge Park. There are several large pieces of earth-moving equipment there and what appears to be a large hole in the ground. I would guess some sort of storm drain work? When are they planning to be finished? — John, Davenport

A. We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Nicole Gleason, public works director/assistant city administrator, responded:

"This is the 14th District sanitary sewer cross connection. The flow from the 14th District is being diverted north of West Central Park and a new sanitary sewer is being constructed which will tie into the Duck Creek South Interceptor.

"This project consists of the construction of a new, 30” bypass sewer that will connect the 14th District Basin to the Duck Creek South interceptor sanitary sewer. The goal of this project is to reduce surcharging and sewer backups in the 14th District Basin and eliminate the need for an existing sanitary sewer pumping station located in the 2800 block of Western Ave. The project also includes the construction of new storm culverts to facilitate storm water runoff in the area and the construction of a new asphalt recreational trail that will connect Western Ave. to the Duck Creek Bike Path.

"Valley Construction Company has been contracted to construct this project, which is tentatively scheduled to be completed late spring 2017."

Q. Is it just me, or does it seem like being on the "do not call list" does nothing any more? We've been on that list for years, and lately we're getting multiple calls a day from organizations and businesses we have no connection with ... in any way. Most of them are automated so a person can't even ask to be removed from their list. What's up with this? How can they call us, and is there something we can do about it? I heard if you don't take the call, their systems will put your number on a "try again" list. Is there no way out of this unwanted and intrusive advertising and soliciting? Will getting the names and writing a letter work? Help! — Mona

A. If you continue to receive unwanted calls after putting your name on the National Do Not Call List, you may want to file a complaint at bit.ly/1cknJh6.

Other possibilities:

FCC recommendations for stopping unwanted calls: fcc.gov/stop-unwanted-calls.

ABC News Business article on stopping unwanted calls: abcn.ws/1dLT7LT.

Follow-up files:

Q. What is the estimated date when people can actually drive the Veterans Memorial Parkway from Jersey Ridge Road to Bettendorf? 2018? 2019? Incredible it takes five or six years to complete two miles of roadway. — Richard

A. Nicole Gleason, public works director/assistant city director for the city of Davenport, said, "Ideally, the road will be open at the end of next construction season. There will be follow-up work the following spring."

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