Q. There was a nursing home facility on West Kimberly Road way out past Harlan's that has been closed for years. I now see there is construction work going on. What's going on there? — Linda, Eldridge, Iowa

A. If you are asking about the former Meadow Lawn Nursing Center, 4656 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, according to information published in the Quad-City Times Daily Record on Nov. 29, 2016, under building permits, Vera French Community Health Care is doing a commercial remodeling of the property. Russell Construction is doing the work and the amount listed was $1,788,882.

We also contacted Vera French Community Mental Health Center, Davenport, for more information. Denise Beenk, interim CEO and director of residential outreach programs for Vera French Pine Knoll/CMHC, responded:

"You are correct that Vera French Community Mental Health Center (VFCMHC) is currently renovating the property at 4656 W. Kimberly Rd., which was formerly known as Meadow Lawn. Due to federal regulations around Medicaid funding, VFCMHC must downsize our current 60-bed licensed residential care facility on Telegraph Rd. into smaller sites that are a maximum of 15-beds. There will be a total of two 15-bed licensed residential care facilities that VFCMHC will own and operate in Davenport, and the 15-bed W. Kimberly site will open in the summer of 2017. VFCMHC is grateful for the support of the community, and the opportunity to provide quality health care to persons in need within our community."

Q. Do we have any sleigh rides within a 50-mile radius? I prefer a cutter sleigh, which would be a two- or four-seat sleigh. — Pam, Bettendorf

A. We contacted the Quad-Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau to find out. Joe Taylor, president and CEO, responded:

"I am not aware of any regularly scheduled sleigh rides. As you note, if sleigh rides do occur, they are usually part of a holiday event."

We thought there might be some connected with events such as Christmas in LeClaire. Dennis Gerard, finance and economic development for LeClaire, said, "No horse-drawn sleighs at Christmas in LeClaire.  We've had horse-drawn buggies a time or two."

Here is a link to some online listings for hay and sleigh rides in the region: bit.ly/2j6840k.

Q. I go to real estate class in the evenings at a local real estate company. There are a couple of people who smoke in the bathrooms. The instructor knows that they smoke. What can be done about this? Who do you call? — Reader

A. Is the instructor also the owner of the company? If not and if you have made several attempts to talk to the instructor, try the owner or the instructor's supervisor. If this doesn't help, you may want to contact the local health department or the city regarding ordinance enforcement.

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