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Q. Do any Quad-City stores or the malls offer holiday gift wrapping? -- Joe, Moline

A. We contacted NorthPark Mall, Davenport, and SouthPark Mall, Moline, to find out. Von Maur offers gift wrapping every year. If the purchase is made at Von Maur, then the gift wrapping is free.

Dillard's also offers gift wrapping. It depends on the merchandise if there is a charge or not.

Barnes & Noble at NorthPark Mall, Davenport, has volunteer gift wrappers on weekends. They accept donations.

A group called Wood River Region 5 will offer gift wrapping at SouthPark Mall.

Jackie Allgood, a spokesperson for the group, said, "Wood River Region 5 Youth is a non-profit group of local churches coming together to support youth activities in our community. We are excited to offer gift wrapping with the support of SouthPark Mall. The money we raise will help our youth to do volunteering and network with each other. We would like to be able to make items for the homeless and seniors that live in local facilities. We also want to provide some fun activities for the youth to come together and network with each other.

"We will be at SouthPark Mall each Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. starting Dec. 9 and 10, each weekend through Saturday, Dec. 23.

"We are for donations of any amount for wrapping. We want everyone to have a great and easy holiday and hopefully our wrapping can make it a little easier!"

Q. Could someone please give a tutorial on the use of the pay parking lots downtown Davenport. When are they enforced? Where/how do you pay? When do you pay? A friend got a $30 ticket in the mail and they didn't even know he had done anything wrong? -- Remington

A. We contacted the city of Davenport regarding your questions. Nicole Gleason, Davenport public works director/assistant city administrator, responded: 

"Thanks for the question! The city of Davenport does not issue any citations via mail. The tickets are placed on the automobile. If the fines go unpaid for an excess of 60 days, they are subject to being sent to collections. All three parking ramps were changed over from an attendant pay system to a pre-pay system using pay stations 11 months ago. The entry to all ramps is marked with signs indicating pre-payment is required and there are over 300 signs throughout the three ramps indicating how payment is made. There are a total of 18 parking pay stations in the ramps, primarily at the exits and elevators. I have attached an information sheet that tells about rates as well as how to pay using the online app.

"If you pass along the citation number of the person asking, we are happy to do more research as to when the ticket was issued and if it went to collections."

To view the information sheet provided by Nicole Gleason, visit

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