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Q. I've been recently attempting to get into the NBA, but of course since there's no major league team in the Q-C, nor Iowa, I feel like I have more freedom in choosing. Anyways, as I'm looking at teams I happen to see the Atlanta Hawks used to be called the Tri-Cities Blackhawks and as I dove into more information, I found out they were one of the original NBA teams, and they were based in Moline. So my question is why did they leave? And why is their history never talked about in the Q-C? -- From Future NBA Fan

A. The general impression I get from the many articles about the Tri-Cities Blackhawks is that by 1951 the Tri-Cities was too small of a venue to support an NBA team and that they moved to Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Hawks. Some people debate this in the attached article, please see at from Sept. 18, 2005, written by Don Doxsie, Quad-City Times sports reporter.

Don Doxsie has written many articles about the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. He said, "As Roy mentioned, it was sort of a combination of circumstances that led to the Blackhawks leaving our area.

"The NBA had its roots in smaller areas like the Quad-Cities, Fort Wayne, Syracuse and Rochester, but it very quickly began to gravitate toward larger communities. The team's president, Ben Kerner, was an East Coast guy who sort of conspired with other executives around the league to get full control of the franchise so that he could move it to Milwaukee and later to St. Louis. After he sold the team, it moved to Atlanta.

"The same thing happened elsewhere. The Fort Wayne Pistons became the Detroit Pistons, the Syracuse Nationals became the Philadelphia 76ers, the Rochester Royals became the Cincinnati Royals and remain in existence today as the Sacramento Kings.

"I've written multiple stories about the Blackhawks, including a 3-part series that ran in the 1990s but the article Roy attached describes pretty well how it all happened."

To read the full 3-part series by Don Doxsie from Feb. 4-6, 1996, visit

Follow up file:

We received a follow up question to Saturday's Ask the Times column about compact fluorescent lights (CFLs):

I assumed the question about fluorescent bulbs was for cylindrical (tube) type bulbs -- not CFLs -- which you didn't mention. So, what do we do with the cylindrical bulbs? -- Mike, Davenport

The Scott Area Recycling Center, 5640 Carey Ave., Davenport, 563-386-9575, does accept the cylindrical (tube) type fluorescent bulbs. Their hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. They are closed on holidays.

We contacted the Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowes. They do not accept the longer cylindrical (tube) type fluorescent bulbs.

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